Monday , September 27 2021

They predict that the naphtha will rise to 25% in the first half of 2019: Economics

After confirming the future growth of public services, it became clear that the first-half of the 2019 naphtha could increase by 25%.

This is a good part of the sector's backward lag, with the growth of tenfold growth in fuel buildup this year, from the Secretary of Energy to Javier Iguazel.

In addition, YPF managers share a diagnosis: By 2018, according to their profile, 2018 should be blocked by an increase in prices that have been settled by 2019, ending with a broken-down and overdue debts.

According to this schedule, the growth expected by market reviewers next year will depend on how dollars, crude oil and inflation can grow.

The Fecac article on the Fuel and Air Supply Federation (FECAC) has set a time frame for evaluating the extent to which naphtha prices can change in 2019.

Considering the values ​​of future contracts of the US dollar (Rofex) and Brent (Nymex) oil and adjustments to inflation in taxes on fuel and carbon dioxide, and assuming that the price for biofuel remains unchanged, the November theoretical values ​​of liquid fuels will increase by 25% by next season.

"Next year we think we will fall behind inflation, but with positive results, we will grow steadily, we will not be late in 2018. Prices were stabilized in October 2017, but then all the indices went up and the dollar jumped, the oil leaped, and we were too late, and I think 2019 will be a year of logical and predictable growth, "Gabriel Bornoroni said. Cordoba has a headquarters organization.

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