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Two projects for the Integrated Protection of Pregnant Women and Unborn Children were abolished Monday at the plenary sessions of the legislative committees.


13/13/2018 00:00

The Family and Women's Rights Committees gathered together on the one hand to evaluate the initiatives of Raul Albarasin; and Maronco Caponio and 28 other legislators, on the other hand. Both suggestions were made in the committee's decisions that were not taken care of, so they were not evaluated for the parliamentary year.

From the presentation of the final project on Thursday, a great disagreement arose. The initiative of 29 legislators was proposed to comply with Article 146 of the Constitution, according to which the state recognized health as "the fundamental human right" and "the right to deny birth". "In the bill, the state's policy is a commitment to preserve two lives. From this point of view, the state should coordinate pregnant women with the right of pregnancy, as an alternative to adoption, in addition to adoption, adopt a child, "the statement reads.

One chapter addresses the situation of pregnant women who suffer from rape. The provinces of the Provinces provide immediate and permanent victim assistance to women with medical, psychological, psychological, sexual, reproductive, legal and psychological help. "The victim of sexual violence should have full and detailed information on the physical and psychological consequences of hiding, including the life of a child in his or her body." Once the woman is informed about the project, the project involves completing the ultrasound. "It is an integral part of the health of women, because of the presence of ectopic pregnancy or other pathology, for example, their right to receive information."

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