Tuesday , August 16 2022

they tested Villalonga wind turbine generators


Expected to announce the official opening day, operational tests were carried out and the Villalonga wind power owned by Genneia was upheld.

Although the CRA is not a specific day at the start of a commercial operation, it is estimated that it will enter into operations in January next year. The rating will be made in mid-next month.

In addition, the company noted that the construction work will be completed four months before the agreement. The works began in September 2017.

Windmill was held in the first round of the RenovAr wind turbine and has a wind turbine generator of 15.65 mW. This includes the Villalonga II park, which directs energy to the private market (MATER).

Generators consist of three rounds of 87 meters between the ground and center line of the rotor and 66 meters long. They connect to the 33/130 kV transformer substation via an underground transmission line.

Energy ET Patagones-ET is part of a National Interconnection Network, through Pedro Luro.

It is located a few meters from the National Route 3, between Villalonga and Stroeder.

It is the third wind power plant to be commissioned in this region after inauguration of India's Mario Jebreiro (Pampa Energia in Bahia Blanca) and La Castellana (CP Renovables, Villarino).

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