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They warn that breastfeeding numbers are much lower than those offered


In the first half of the year, infants should take breastmilk as the only food Credit: Shutterstock

Return to work, lack of space for breastfeeding and disinformation may have an impact on this practice. Only 42% of infants receive milk only from their mothers for up to six months

Even though 7% of breastfeeding women in the first half of last year, breastfeeding remains a problem in healthcare. According to the official report, 68% of mothers spend breastfeeding in the first hours, but 42% are breastfeeding for 180 days, according to a new National Research Paper. Breastmilk (Enalac). That is, 60% of infants can not only breastfeed milk for up to six months.

"Figures are far lower than what we want," says Guadalupe Manjoyan, Coordinator of National Research Administration for Mother and Child Development (Dynamics) of the National Health Ministry. And he adds, "We need to provide several advantages for breastfeeding, which is very important."

Returning to work or research, breastfeeding 'friendly spaces' and even incorrect information affect the decision to quit it.

The date and time of birth of the mother and the child can be determined on the day of the impact on the continuity of breastfeeding, which has been confirmed. An average interval of four hours per day was considered. During this period, breastfeeding was sufficient for a half-year from 91.6% to 85.9%, or from 79.9% to 72.7% in a year.

"We must be convinced that all institutions, universities and workplaces respect breastfeeding and nursing women," Mignyavori adds. "In most cases, the first obstacle is the employer, but most of the partners they are dealing with
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break to remove milk.

At the age of 16 years, half of the myths and beliefs made by Argentine dairy artiente three years ago, half of those who have been involved in breastmilk, equivalent to artificial variants on the market.

"If the population thinks that babies are not good at breastfeeding, we have had problems with society," says Myanjawravi, "breastfeeding mothers do not give the formula, and there is a serious health problem to nourish children."

Breast milk has a positive effect on weight gain. "There is evidence of the benefits of breastfeeding in addition to all nutrients that require the first six months of the child's life (diarrhea and respiratory tract infections), such as overweight and obesity in children and adolescents, the World Health Organization said. "The Dynamics team says it will reduce the frequency of diabetes by 26% and 35% for type 2 diabetes.

Risk reduction

Children should take breastmilk for the first six months. Only then should we partake of half-layered dishes and breastfeed them for at least two years. As mentioned in this report, it reduces the risk of diarrhea and, thirdly, children have a respiratory infection, including those for hospitalization. Broncholitis is the most common lung infection, especially before reaching two years of age. Infant Foundation has been using breastmilk treatment for many years in its nationwide research of natural protective factors from respiratory synthetic virus, which annually hires children's hospitals' security guards.

Sample templates of Enalac are about half of each region: 6 months in 18 months, divided into two groups, boys between six months and 12-15 months. Unlike 2007, the group Mangystauari has taken into account sociodemographic and health indicators.

Eight outbreaks have changed in the smallest breastfeeding treatment of previous years. When the values ​​of Tierra del Fuego, Buenos Aires, Jujuy, La Pampa, and San Lucie improved, San Juan and Santa Fe fell in Misie.

The baby formula was replaced with the most common breast milk in children under six months (59%), and the cow's milk was of the least (8%).

According to Dynamics, "only galactoseemia (galactose organism accumulation, sugar lactose), and galactoseemia (only partially or completely) can be used for breastfeeding, breastfeeding, HIV infection or phenylketonuria (difficulty in treating, protein, phenylalanine, and that's why health care practitioners should take precautions and training to avoid breastfeeding. "

Important data are, for example, breastfeeding (up to seven months) or lower birth weight (7% and 54.7%, respectively, when compared with 2500 grams at birth).

"The infant born with a low birth weight is the responsibility of the healthcare team, and any chance that we can not afford is a lost chance," says Mangistai.

Report at the national level

It is based on more than 18,000 baby models

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They are the mothers who breastfed the baby at the first moment

26 percent

Only breastfeeding, this percentage is overweight and reduces by 35%, type 2 diabetes in children

59 percent

Chose the most commonly used baby formula for breastfeeding in children up to six months

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On the free way 0800-222-1002 (version 7) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan received 184 consultations on breastfeeding treatment from all over the country. The smallest amount of milk, chest pain, the best way to breastfeed, how to get it to work when breast-feeding, how to work? milk preservation and the coolest spices of spice?

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