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They were arrested by Former Secretary of Ordway and left on his way to Land Rover

Maria Evgenia Merkado has been released from custody for her dismissal from the Appeals Chamber. I lived in this city call. Stress, humiliation, and anger

They were arrested by Former Secretary of Ordway and left on his way to Land Rover

Evgenija Mercado is in federal offices after being detained in Bell

Maria Eugenia Mercado, who recently served as CEO, met with the suspended operator, Martin Ordocki. When he was surrounded by feldsher police officers, he signed a handwriting. A former secretary of the Voronov District, Ordoki, was charged with organizing an alleged illegal union for procedural privileges intended for money conversion. Yesterday, the former Secretary of the Voronov District, from Ordoki House, from 13 to 6900 City Bell and White Boots (before putting on a jeans before taking a photo) Ready to access Discovery.

They just blocked a few weeks before the prosecutors requested the release of Betina Laki and Marcel Garmanti and the agents who went to the arrest order. The Court of Appeals rejected the complaint in the last hours. And the lawyer faced the same situation, and the rest of the accused were: "Lieutenant Lawyer" Lydia Perna; his partner Ariel Hain; as well as the alleged judicial operator Enrique Petrullo (also arrested in the megabanic case).

The resume appeared on Monday, but a few days later, Mercado did not have 53 apartments in the range from 2 to 3, so the researchers walked the track around the Ordock House.

They were uncertain about the place where Messer was staying, but could not look for the house because citizens of the judiciary called him "embassy." Hence, prosecutors accuse Lakka of conducting an investigation today, waiting for her to be arrested for "illegal association and bribery." According to eyewitnesses, the operation was characterized by stress and Orloko tried to defend himself by using the word "bed" and threatened Morocco with "this is your fault."

The 41-year-old woman was transferred to the grave crime division of the federal capital, where she was registered and all the remarks were made and then sent to Cavia Street's Federal Police Headquarters. There he spent the night.

Ordoki is the only form of all prisoners of conscience who are released under the protection of immunity, if the court decides to dismiss it, loss of profits (see page 17). In addition, it was temporarily suspended.

The suspects

The reason why Maria Evgenia Merkado was jailed was Cañuelas Magistrates' complaint filed with the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires against Juan Ariel Christian Hainin.

This man was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for entering the village of Brandsen in the late 1990s.

After a while, he was persecuted for the seizure of fields and houses in San Vicente. Later, according to official information, he sold real estate he created. Based on these accusations, he was arrested in May 2012, but did not spend much time in the shade.

For example, he was in prison in the police station in San Miguel del Monte, where he was with 16 other prisoners, and they were unhappy.

Professional Profession hindered the creation of a Real Estate Agency in Adroge, and court officials were detained until 2013 and his current partner, Lydia Perna, continued to engage in business.

With the help of the deputy, he is suspected of selling stolen property as part of his future personality.

What does Ordock and his secretary have to do with these actions?

Enrique Petrullo advised Pierre to control Horde's moral dignity because he used to have other defendants in connection with the so-called former cleric Cesar Melazo.

According to judicial sources, Petrullo negotiated with phone calls via WhatsApp or Telegram through lawyers and operators because he did not turn off the function. Markets of the Market, then the Cassation Court B Office Temporary Office will appear on these exchanges.

Other employees reported that they were working on a pier "eight to ten times" and had seen their offices "to see Mercado or Ordoqui." On March 1 of this year, Hainen's lawyer allowed home arrest, but prosecutor Carlos Altouv complained and the delay was postponed until June 16.

In the middle, according to the Ordoqui driver, he went to section 9 of La-Plata (where Heine was) with Perna and Mercado. Following this movement, masters of Canadian sent them to the Court, with information about Orguki for the mega-coca: Betina Lacki, and to the prosecutor.

This file contains two suspected charges of charge of 500,000 pesos for the alleged offense of two suspects, Javier Ronkonto.

Something's missing

The Megacoulous trigger attacked Juan Faroese in 2010, but only in July of this year was attacked by police officers, convicts, and judges. Sources say that a good part of the used material should be processed.

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