Saturday , June 19 2021

They will find 104 planets out of the solar system over three months

If this is not a record, write a post: three months later, various astronomers have announced that more than a hundred exoplanets (ie planets around the Sun, other than the Sun), combined with the combination of terrestrial telescopes. and space. Actual figure – 104; They are very different and are expected to play an important role in the study of life in the world.

Many active studies have been devoted to exoplanets in recent years. One of the possible pillars is the success of the Kepler space telescope released in 2009, and it worked like this: if the planet passed before its star, Kepler discovered many exoplanets using this technique. However, such regulatory phenomena confirm not only the exoplance but also the phenomena themselves.

Astronomical Career

Over these months, astronomers from all over the world compete to confirm whether Kepler's data is an ecoplancer.

According to the Japan National Astronomical Observatory (NAOJ), an international team of researchers from the Tokyo University and Japan's Center for Astrobiology, along with other exotic telescopes, studied 227 candidates with space and space telescopes. .

Of them, 104 have found that they are essentially an exoplanet and have an ultraviolet short orbit phase of no more than seven hours. The process of forming this type of planet has not been determined yet. This is the study of the processes of their further study of celestial bodies, the statement reads.

They have also confirmed numerous planetic systems with many smaller mass ezoplants, less than half the Earth's size, and many extraterrestrial planets.


The student of the University of Tokyo and the author of documents describing the results, John Livingstone, Although he has officially removed NASA's Kepler space telescope, his successor, TESS, has already begun collecting data.

"Only in the first month, TESS has found many new exoplanets and will continue to find more. In the coming years, we can expect a lot of news, "says Livingstone.

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