Wednesday , January 19 2022

this is the risk of infecting the baby


The Academy of Pediatrics has warned of the dangers of this practice, which is widely used for the sneezing of girls

One of the usual customs of a newborn is to make the ear piercings. However, the Academy of Pediatrics warns of the dangers of this practice and some have accepted it, and others do not.

Some want them to send a pier while growing, but when they are infants they can not remember the pain. Other parents do it at an early age, and there is no doubt about the gender of the child. When it comes to others, they do it only for culture.

However, the American Pediatrics Academy recommends that you read the girl's ears to avoid the dangers of a newborn baby. They can get into the clothes and put them in your mouth and cause health problems.

Some parents are unable to wait for a few days to put the pendant, but the baby usually only takes a few hours before taking a tire of two months. It is recommended that vaccine be vaccinated at 6, 15 and doctors after 3 rounds.

The rings are made of gold and the perforation tools are not only a good but accurate sterilization. In the worst case scenario, it can cause your daughter to become infected and increase your chance of getting hepatitis.

Another complication is the allergic reactions, which can cause metal-to-ear infections to make perforation.

Are they invasive if they have a dispute about making a decision for the removal of the ring of children?

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