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This wedding was estimated at 20 million euros


Martha Ortega, the founder of Zara's textile empire, is the fifth-billionth person in the world, Amancio Ortega and son of designer Roberto Torretta, born in Buenos Aires, Carlos Torretta. They organized a wedding, they did not allow any damage, and some celebrities took part in it.

Maria Ortega is the daughter of her owner after celebrating a civil society Zara, Along with Carlos Torretta, over 400 guests were amazed at the wedding anniversary of the whole world. Thus, from the spring of last year, the wishes of the temple of the Indetrz, which tracks all preparations without paying any expenses.

The Spaniards paid more than 20 million euros during the weekend, but some of the participants have reached 30 million. Musical performances, private jets, musical equipment, vehicle carriers and audio technicians were selected by each performer.

The most precious artist Chris Martin, the lead singer of the Coldplay band, is worth $ 2 million among other English hits for Viva La Vida, Yellow, Fix You and A Sky Full of the English. "The cache's cache is always great for a wedding or a private event rather than a normal concert. Just bring him to a certain place and he will raise his estimation before going to the tour, "they explained.

In addition, Inditex's owner and Roberto Torretta's grandfather, Norah Jones and Hayma Kilmum, performed on Saturday at 17 and ended with some wonderful DJs: Mark Ronson, known for his work for Lady Gaga Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse and Puerto Ricans Brother Martinez. In addition, Michael Bloom sang 16 times in New York on Friday.


Martha Ortega was brilliant. When they developed, Galitsy wore weddings in the design of Pier Valero, the creative director of Pierre Paolo Picholi. But his heir Zara There was another piece of couture, made by Potioli, between Friday and Saturday.

Amancio Ortega's daughter was a great band of image advisors. Andrea Martynelli has invented his hairdresser, but later he has performed Paul Hanson, who works with Paul Wilton, Alexander McCween, Moschino and Calvin Klein.


Executive director Zara The industry has many friends. Some of them are famous people who are part of your confidence environment. Template Evgenia Silva and her partner, Alfonso de Bourbon; his friends – John Cortahara, Rafael de Medina and Laura Vekino or photographer Gonzalo Mahado. Mahogany and his wife, gallerist and interior designer Mafalda Munos introduced Carlos and Martha in the beginning of 2016. The influential figure in Argentina, Sophie Sanchez de Betac and her husband, Alex de Betak, were the other important names in the fashion world. Also, Mrs. Athina Onassis, Marta's friend and horseman.

German photographer Peter Lindberg.

Amancio Ortega and his wife Flora Perez.

Actress Amaya Salamanca is her colleague, businessman Rosa.

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