Wednesday , November 25 2020

This year, 150,000 HIV infected people exceed the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is close to achieving 150,000 critical tests to identify the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); A jet is 100% closer to the detection of a virus within a few minutes.

Healthcare Secretary Monica Liliana Rainquelle Martinez said that in 2018 within the National Day of Rapid Tests, the Secretariat conducted a timely identification campaign in all the country at the end of October, allowing 144,000 testes in the pathosynes and potosins.

"Additionally, our care and control program for patients with HIV is one of the best in our country, as 9 out of 10 patients with this disease retains the same level of blood in the blood, and this is an institutional achievement," said Monica Liliana Rangel.

According to him, this week they have been using HIV testing in various municipalities of a wide range of sanitary lawyers.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has stated that tests will be available in healthcare facilities such as Health Centers, CAPASITS, General Hospitals, and major basic hospitals.

Advantages of rapid HIV testing:

1. – Knowing the HIV diagnosis can help prevent the transmission from taking precautions.

2. Determination of timing allows for a great deal of commencement of treatment.

3. – This campaign ensures that each of the HIV / AIDS providers provides post-test and follow-up consultations and deliver the results of qualified and competent staff ensuring compliance.

4.- Fast testing gives us 100% closer minutes of precision and sensitivity.

People who offer HIV testing are unprotected sexual practices, needles or other acute substances, or sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis, or tuberculosis. They make earrings or tattoos in any part of their body.

YEAR Implementation of HIV infection TOTAL TESTS

2017 Tests used at the end of Q3 123 396

2018 Tests used at the end of Q3 144,895

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