Wednesday , March 29 2023

Three asteroid passes close to the Earth: NASA – NSS Oaxaca


Nevertheless, he mentioned three reasons for calm about the incident; one of them is far away from Earth and the Moon.

NASA data shows that on Saturday, three asteroids are approaching the Earth, but we need to be calm. The "Scientific Alert" specialized portal does not endanger humanity.

To clarify the fear of readers, the reason is that the cause of the event is not terrible.


Heavenly bodies with 2018 VS1, 2018 VR1 and 2018 VX1 coded names pass near Earth. Of course, space terms are "near". Thus, according to the American aerospace agency, the first two are much higher than the average distance between Earth and the Moon (384,400 km).

The asteroid 2018 VS1 is nearest 3.62 miles to the Earth, and 2018 VR1 is further away: about 13.19 lunar distances. Only 2018 VX1 is closer to 0.99 lunar than our satellite.

Even though these distances on the earth's surface are too large, they are small in the cosmos.

According to NASA reports, any object below 140 meters does not consider dangerous. Under this scale, asteroids spend this weekend with us, which is absolutely harmless.

2018 VS1 width from 13 to 28 meters, and 2018 VR1 asteroid range from 14 to 30 meters and 2018 to W1, from 8 to 18 meters.

No such thing has been found
Asteroid passed past our planet, and we did not even notice it. This is the W22 in 2018, the width of which is 10-23 meters, on Fridays (01:01 GMT) it took about 1.87 miles. And nothing happened. The planet goes on with normal life.

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