Monday , September 27 2021

Two alcoholic drunk drivers were detained after drinking alcohol

Driver drivers of double row and two bus routes, one in the city Salt and one more direction 14, arrested Anti-Brazil operations are carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first day of the operation was held on Saturday 22.45 at the height of the tire Hudson, where there are agents from the National Traffic Safety Agency (ANSV) they noticed that they were a dangerous maneuvering car, so they were careful and searched the driver to stop him.

After requesting the relevant documentation, they have tested the receptor, which was a positive result 2.32 g / l., where there is a maximum permitted law 0.5 g / l. After determining the blood alcohol level of the driver the driver holds the driver's license and stole it.

In addition, this Sunday, with the participation of other National Commission agents (CNRT), Two bus drivers were arrested he also had positive control of blood alcohol.

One was at the Salta terminal, the other – 480 kilometers on the National Road.

From the portfolios, "driving under the influence of alcohol causes the reaction rate and the loss of visibility in the image."

They also say, "It affects sleep, tiredness and coordination and attention, and increases the time it takes for a person to decide what to do or act." .

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