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UniCABA: Where will the new university work and how to train teachers – 24.11.2012

The new Educational Pedagogical University (UniCABA), which was approved on Thursday in the legislative body of Buenos Aires, is located near the city of Nunes. Federal fire, but it does not happen from the beginning. It's worth noting that UniCABA will be part of the "Innovative Park", which will develop on the border with the city's Monumental River, but the park's works they will start in 2020, the first year students enter UniCABA. So, where are the first pupils going to study?

In the government of Buenos Aires they have not yet identified. They say "somewhere else" and "the best places to look", but they reveal that they are one of the 29 district teachers. In the Innovation Park there will be a university administration building for UniCABA and will have 7,500 or 8,000 classroom audiences. But he did not have that.

The first step is Rector and Vehicle Selection. Minister Soledad Achina wants to be his rector and they are working to find an Argentine man who has a UNESCO experience in the university industry and is studying overseas. The next year, the person who plays the role will play in some way Distinguished from Argentine light.

The legislature of Buenos Aires voted for the creation of UniCABA. (Luciano Thieberger)

The legislature of Buenos Aires voted for the creation of UniCABA. (Luciano Thieberger)

After selecting the Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires, the rector and his team should be trained institutional project Follow the procedure required before the National University and the National Commission for the Assessment and Accreditation of the University (CONEAU). They are next steps any new university it is done in the country.

The rector of the local executive authority lasts for four years until the first graduates of the university, the first graduates are satisfied, and then the first independent power can vote, The Law on Higher Education.

Teachers' requirements for the approval of UNICABA on Thursday, in the legislature (Guillermo Rodríguez Adami)

Teachers' requirements for the approval of UNICABA on Thursday, in the legislature (Guillermo Rodríguez Adami)

According to Government estimates for the required procedures, the first registration begins in the second semester of 2019, and the first students will start the course by 2020. It will be clear where the temporary headquarters are located. The authorities believe that the first garbage will come to life about 5,000 pupils, primary education (teacher training) and continuous (teacher experience).

Today there is a city There are about 33 thousand young teachers, 26,000 state teachers and 7,000 other private teachers. But in the Government they believe that there is a place for this profession, and the education offer of primary education will grow more in the coming years. They talk about the new university offerings for teachers, such as UCA, UBA (Exactas), El Salvador or Australia. UniCABA since 2020.

New Buenosairean University of Education Education not only teachers. Other races may also be related to the 'productivity profile of the city', as determined by the law on Thursday. In the government, they think that they are "avant-garde university designs" considering the evolution of their career and career.

This career is related to applied science (eg nanotechnology, biomechanics, biomedicine), technology (information systems, software development, design of applications) or scientific research. Location of the Innovation Park important, because its nine hectares are not oriented to housing, companies of these industries, local and foreign universities, and UBATEC (UIS and city-forming organizations for the development of technological enterprises).

Protest on Thursday with the approval of UniCABA (Lucia Merle)

Protest on Thursday with the approval of UniCABA (Lucia Merle)

Nowadays it is 4 to 5 years depending on the profession of teacher training. According to official records, students are 9 years old – on average – the average age of students is 28 years. "We want primary education to be short-lived, just like in the world. It is very important to provide virtual courses and flexibility in subjects, "said official sources.

The law adopted on Thursday determines that UniCABA should "speak" with teachers. How do they do it? As the Government has stated, postgraduate studies. UniCABA offers teachers the opportunity to study for one year (third-year) students. For example, if a history teacher finishes a graduate degree in UniCABA, it can be a higher education, if you graduate from a university or university. It is also planned to work together in the field of research and education.

It is unclear how the city's initial and continuing education, which was announced more than 30 years ago by the Teacher's School of the Ministry of Education. This should be primarily to UniCABA. But while the university is autonomous, the ministry loses power over the curriculum.

"We can see how we can build together mixed scheme, double dependence. The Ministry and the university must have an agreement, so the ministry continues to be responsible for the School of Teachers, "they said in office.

Where does the money come from?

Teachers and teachers are one of the major challenges in creating UniCABA No one will show where money comes from to use it. They are suspicious that the Ministry of Education may now drop out of the budget used by the teachers, and all of this would fund the current teacher training institutions.

Explaining from the Government, "Out of Education" and "Ministry of Finance", it should be created A new special game for UniCABA. "This is at national universities. Despite the costs involved in the rest of the education, the Congress spends a lot of money on national universities. It will be necessary to determine the budget of the city, "the official source said.

– Good. But the budget is still one. If you add a new item, you'll need to remove it …

– Hopefully, by 2020, we will grow our service and savings and hope for these new funds to UniCABA.

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