Monday , June 5 2023

"Vaccine not to let 3 million deaths a year" Chronicle


A week after the end of the national campaign against measles and rubella of the previous sample Gisela Barretto has come back to make a statement about the vaccine-related dispute. "Part of the population's vaccine is vaccine, In his television program, Barretto offered his listeners Internet access "Bad Impact on Vaccination".

"They want to eliminate us, they appear and show us how to heal us and save us, but in the program we will show how much part of death is." says the former model, which is an example "One of the most toxic vaccines HPV." Specifically, experts noted the importance of using an antiviral vaccine, which causes cancer of the umbilicus and causes 1800 deaths in the country. Most importantly, Barretto has confirmed his speech with the support of a doctor Chinka Brandrolino, a physician who was one of the leaders of the movement Let's save two lives. "Vaccines are frightening and cause autism, and you're listening to everything that makes the vaccine, and you are scared, tetanus vaccine, according to the physician, we can use it, healthcare workers attack children", including the media.

These words are contextualized in the midst of government campaigns, so vaccination schedules are fulfilled. The Argentine Vaccination and Epidemiology Society (VAC) repeated the importance of the vaccine and reported annually about 3 million deaths, including 2.5 million children. "They are the most effective way to improve the health and lifelong health of the population, they wrote in their report Twitter

Additionally, a week after the national vaccine against measles and rubella, they found that there were about 750,000 unhealthy children with three doses of viral dose. In this regard, they noted that vaccination was not a personal act "You protect yourself and the environment."

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