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Vidal launched a package of measures to obtain temperature until the end of the year – 23/23/2018


María Eugenia Vidal will provide a series of measures to overheat the effects of the economic crisis and the deterioration of social conditions by the end of the year. Buenos Aires governor pays bonus for pensioners and retirees in Buenos Aires, who have the minimum pension a bonus In the first days of December, civil servants. Thus, in order to avoid social conflicts last month, the national administration has to take steps.

Perhaps, about 10,000 retired peripheral retirees receive 3,500 pesos in December

Buenos Aires executive power sources also include a package of social security measures for December A $ 700 bonus for 300,000 beneficiaries of the MAS Vida Plan, as well as a 15% increase in corporate income and family income. Households receive a monthly scholarship of $ 8,668 and $ 7,394 for families.

In addition, the regional bank 50% discount will remain in December $ 1,500 to buy supermarkets Wednesday 19 and 23, and Christmas includes new discounts for buying. 15 sold circuits, more than 1,780 sales points and more than 4,2 million buenos-addresses beneficiaries.

"We have been closer to all residents of Buenos Aires because we have taken over the Government, and we have accompanied them with concrete measures that provide them with everyday support," said Buenos Aires administration.

Provincial governments will award a bonus to 300,000 beneficiaries in Mas de Vida's plans, and will increase their grants from homogeneous homes and solidarity families.

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