Saturday , June 3 2023

VIDEO: Forced coercion for juveniles detained


This is about raids involving "trafficking." They used luxury cars. They operated in Capital and in the Southern region of Conuta

After several raids in the southern city of Constantine and the Federal capital, police in Buenos Aires detained a group of women, many of whom have turned juveniles into false photographs and forced them into prostitution. .

Investigations and operations were conducted by the Departmental Silks and other agencies in the headquarters of Berazategskiy district.

According to the report, two women and 21 women were detained in the case and three prostitutes were released.

This case began in the town of Klemen in the photo of a 15-year-old juvenile photographer described in a building in Libertador Verde, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires.

"The boy was forced to remain in private and forced to carry out the bourgeoisie, and his photographs were published on various sexual recommendations, and he had to confess his genuine conformity and to lie in front of prostitutes." Investigators said: "She is not only a victim of sexual exploitation, and that juveniles have been corrupted. "

According to research, the modal operation of this organization covered young women in the South region, more precisely, Kilens, Florencio Varela and Berazazhi.

"Girls have put on a luxury car for a private company, which has turned the screens into a production company," says a police spokesman.

Finally, at the Avier de Libertadores section, there was a raid where an elderly woman was arrested for sexual exploitation and one of her leaders was detained at the detention center, Ezpeleta. Career Advocacy.

On the raids, 100 condoms, 30 underwear, underwear, and items of interest were withdrawn.

The activities of representatives of the National Prefecture, Migration and National Trafficking Victims Program were discussed.

On the subject "Human Trafficking, Promoting and / or Promoting Prostitution," the NFS No. 1 and the Courts of Courts No. 3 are involved.

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