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In accordance with the Privacy Act 25.326, we will inform you of the data
The personal information you provide will be embedded in our computerized files. at the same time
used only for internal use of our company, group companies
In no event shall the third parties be entitled to your consent.
Our data files are registered in the National Database of Databases
It is protected by the security policies required by law
The right of access, correction, objection and annulment provided by law
email to [email protected], dashboard manager,
Registration of any identification document or any other identification of another person

Using our services, you will receive commercial information if you want
Cancel subscription by sending e-mail to [email protected]. You can
asking for information about the name of the person responsible for the database that provided the information
(Article 27, third paragraph of Annex I, Decree 1558/01).

"The owner of the personal data has the right to exercise the right of access to them
if no charter capital is charged, at least six months free of charge
Article 14, paragraph 3, article 25, 326 of the Law.

Regulation 4/2009 DNPDP

Article 1 – Provide contact information for direct publishing
includes a notice that informs the owner of the rights or details of the entire blockage
Partially, the name of the database contains a mechanism for its training
as well as the transcription of paragraph 3 of Article 27 and paragraph 3 of Article 25366
Annex I to article 14, article 1558/01.
Article 27 Section 3. Law 25.326

3. The holder may at any time require banks to withdraw or block their name
The data in this article.

Annex I to article 14, article 1558/01

For advertising purposes, you will receive mail, telephone, email,
Internet or other remote devices should be known, they must be clearly and prominently displayed
the owner of the data requesting his full or partial removal or blockage of his or her name
the database. At the request of the stakeholder, the name of the responsible or user should be reported
information from the data bank.

Article 2 – There are no direct mail dispatches
you must first disclose the personal data required or agreed upon by the owner
it was advertising. In the case of such a relationship
the email must embed its unique 'ad' term.

"National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data, Controlling Authority No. 25,326,
complaints and appeals are subject to consideration
infringement of personal data protection rules ".

25.326 The application of the Law is our obligation to all of us, our Data Protection Policy
Individuals are immigrated and audited by the IurisTic consultant
This is a free information section.

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