Thursday , August 11 2022

Villa Devoto: persecution, shooting and deadly offender – 29.11


The murderer, who stole Sentz Penza's car, died Attack and shooting he collided with a patrol car at the collector of General Paz Avenue in Buenos Aires, California.

Everything started on Wednesday at approximately 22 hours, and kidnapped Chevrolet Corsa, on the street of Sabatinica, in the city of Tré de Febrero, 4400.

According to police officers Tel, A police warning of robbery and police patrol police on February 3 was able to detect a few blocks from the scene, so they tried to stop their march.

In this case, the offender began shooting at police and escaped In Buenos Aires, he was prosecuted.

Agents responded to the attack and began an assault It ended when the thief had a shock-shooting effect the patrol car fell it was located on the Piazza Penza Plaza, along the Rio de Plate and Marcos Paz streets, in Villa Devota.

The policemen immediately urged the emergency ambulance system (SAME) to be warned that their doctors confirmed the death of the perpetrator.

Here are the first expert investigators to investigate the local police in Buenos Aires.

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