Saturday , June 19 2021

Wall Street is about 4% worried about the US economy

Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 3% to 25 031,41, Nasdaq technology funds dropped from 3.8% to 7,158.43, and S & P 500 ranged from 3.2% to 2.700 K2 dropped. close

Revenue arises when the return on the yield of the US bonds is considered as a possible downward trend of growth. This is a disagreement as it agrees with Beijing and Washington's trade wars.

Changes in the Securities Market "It is obvious that next year there will be a slowdown in growth and inflation as well,said LBBW's Carl Healing.

The differentiation between treasury bonds in the 2nd and 10th years was reduced. It shows the invitation Inverse of the yield curve "short-term rates exceeding long terms".

While the economy is constantly growing, the yield of long-term bonds is higher than short-term.

On the market suspicion of announcing weapons in the Chinese-American trade dispute which within two days imposes new tariffs for 90 days, with the governments of the two countries concluding an agreement.

Stock Exchanges welcomed this pact, which was announced on Saturday, but many observers noted that the parties were far too far away on important issues.

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