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Watch Magazine – Tips: For the memory of APOLLO in Washington, DC, the BISCELLERES AND ASTRONACIES 8


Sometimes the deepest truth about humanity is revealed – and God is revealed when it is a little bit. Or misses ourselves in space at 238,000 miles.

Astronaut James Lowell invented this spacecraft 50 years ago, as he was one of the first astronauts to launch the moon in orbit.

"I remember one thing I heard most often:" I hope to go to heaven when I die, "said Lovelle.

Apollon 8 Monument 1

The "Earth on the Earth" is part of the Moon taken during the Apollo-8 mission in 1968 and the Moon from the Moon orbit, astronaut Bill Anders. Photo: Bill Anders / NASA / Creative Commons

Lovell dispatched Love Wallell and partner cosmonauts William Anders and Frank Borman to accommodate Earth's space satellite as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission on December 11, 1968 at the Washington National Cathedral.

The mission, which lasted from 21st December 1968 to 1961, included a special religious element: as the three astronomers set to the Moon on Christmas, they ceased to read the first 10 verses of the Genesis account.

Memorizing Apollo's 8th Anniversary 2

The 8 astronauts of Apollo Jim Lovell speak at the National Church in Washington at the 50th anniversary of his 1968 space mission. Photo: Jack Jenkins / RNS

"I remember one thing I heard most often:" I hope to go to heaven when I die, and I realized that I was going to heaven, and that suddenly I was born. "

– Astronaut James Lovell.

"From the 8 crews of Apollo, we have a good night, good luck, happy Christmas and God, all of you well on Earth," Bormen said. .

Religious, space and care of the "good land" on Tuesday night until evening, religious leaders and NASA officials spoke to people gathered under the tent of shining stars for the cathedral's roof.

Dean of the Cathedral Randy Holleritis, Apollo 8, opened a holiday, featuring a unique way of life on the earthly surface – showing the photograph of the famous "Earth".

"This amazing mission, which I call pilgrimage, not only has the darkest part of the moon, but also the most magnificent manifestations of our wonderful and small world, the magnificent world of God," says Hollerith. "I think not only will this be a sacred trip, but also what it means to us about our place in God's great creation."

The memory of Holleritis was reminiscent of the Bishop of the Ephesian Church, Michael Currie, who made parallels between the experience of space flight and meetings with God's secrets.

"Space exploration is part of a human aspiration to education, and human aspirations are knowledge of the creation of God," says Karri before the ceremony to the Religious News Service. There is a space that says, "It must be the mystical sense of the world and look inside it."

In his speech, Currie discussed how space-saving fears can activate Earth-related activity. Many people have claimed that the well-known Apollo 8 Photograph on Earth's Outline has helped them to embark on a modern ecologist movement and urged participants to continue this tradition by taking action on climate change.

"This is the world of God. We are here, for the Almighty's infinite God looks at the infinite God, saying, "I am a Lone; Make me a world: "In the depths of creation, we are part of it, not the sum of it," says Curry in a live broadcast on NASA.

Apollon 8 Monument 3

The Bishop of the European Church Michael Carry will arrive in Washington, DC, on December 11, 2018. FEEDBACK: Jack Jenkins / RNS

He hopes NASA and others hope that NASA and others will "look into the new world, search for abundant knowledge, and then restore the mission of science and technology and the wisdom of humanity to restore the mission and charity." , which will enable us to mobilize this oasis to save our island home. «

To reach the house, Karri sent slowly and softly to the crowd He took over the whole world.

Apollo 8 Monument 4

Projectors illuminate the ceiling of the Washington catholic theater. Photo: Jack Jenkins / RNS

Carrie's environmental message can talk to NASA's Jim Brianze, the next speaker. At the beginning of this year, former National Congressional Congressman Oklahoma was denied numerous scientific evidence for climate change and several high-ranking Trap who claimed he was joining mankind.

Braid's warnings on the cathedral were about the clear commitment of the Apollo-8 mission. He pointed out that the Christmas message of the cosmonauts had reached religious people in Soviet Russia by individuals promoted by the official atheistic government.

He then quoted the Genesis account of NASA's plan to return to the moon. According to him, ice found here will provide resources for future missions, as well as rocket fuel to and from Jupiter's suburbs.

The passage in the Bible says: "God separated the water and the water under the stream and the water that was upon the face of the waters." "We know that there are hundreds of billions of tons of ice in the moon."

From the very beginning of religion, it played an astonishing role in the space program.

A few months after Apollo's 8 verses were read, Apollo's 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the Presbyterian, had a few minutes before the moon's contact with Neil Armstrong, with bread and a little wine. Cosmonaut Edgar Mitchell removed the Copies of the Bible's microfilms in the 14th book of Apollo.

In 1996, astronaut Geoffrey Hoffman, a Jew, read the first verses of the Genesis account of the Torah scroll in orbit.

In 2007, the Malaysian Space Agency has gathered over 150 Islamic scholars to determine how the cosmonaut Sheikh Massaphar Shukor would pray in the orbit of the planet in the orbit of the planet.

Monument 8 of Apollo 5

The 8 astronauts of Apollo fly in the Washington Church in 1968, reading a fragment of Creation article. Photo: Jack Jenkins / RNS

The disturbances of space and faith also contradict.

Apollo's 8 Creation study led to the requirement of the famous atheist activist Madaline Murray, who violated the rules of the first correction of the actions of the crew of Khair. This case was referred to the Supreme Court, which released him in the absence of jurisdiction.

Remembering Apollo's 8th Anniversary 6

The Space Window in the National Church.

On Tuesday night Hollerit said that he had retained some part of the world in the walls of the National Cathedral. One of the main stained glass stained-glass windows is called the Space Window of former NASA managing director Thomas O'Bearn and covers part of the Moon Rock that are collected in 11 of Apollo.

Although NASA can not propagate specific faiths or general religions, the Agency's work may be wider than spiritual matters, Brianne says.

"When I talk to you, as an administrative person, with people in the community," he says, "there is one element of spirituality that we are working on." "The Bible is very clear that God created the heavens and the earth … There are other spiritual questions, are we the same in the universe? Can we live in the world, not ourselves? These scientific questions, as well as "What is our place in the world?" Will have a deeper philosophical understanding.

Scientists have asked questions about trust in outer space, saying Brayden is responsible for NASA's "absolutely" idea.

"I think it would be fantastic, why not?" He began to discuss the role of NASA as a dynamically developing consumer in the individual space industry.

"The picture I want to present is any manifestation of space available to anyone, and now we have pilots," he said. "It does not matter whether one of the priests or only one leader of faith – all should be accessible."

The evening ended with Levell's address, telling about his first historical journey around the moon.

Apollon 8 Monument 7

NASA administrator Jim Bradens' speech at the National Church in Washington. Photo: Jack Jenkins / RNS

When he saw the earth rising above the moon, he reflected on his first thought and recited the theme of the evening: A moon journey – exploration, yes, but about understanding the earthly life here.

"I came to gravitation to preserve the water and the atmosphere that is vital to our planet. I went to the star orbit to absorb this star energy, and I was at a distance, "he said.

He paused and then added, "I think the answer was clear: God gave mankind a stage of execution. We know how the game ends. «

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