Friday , November 27 2020

Water Illustration: Scientists have found that the Mars satellites are "wrong"

                                Illusion Vault: It is studied that Marsian satellite

About 90% of the Mars 'Reconnaissance Orbiter' s orbits show that it really exists.

Researchers have shown that 90% of the Mars Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter image is sometimes actually present. The error was calculated after finding the best signs of moist absorbing material on Mars surface. They are not only wonderful: now scientists have big doubts about the actual distribution of water on the planet.

Compact Reconciliation of the Instrument The spectrometer for Mars, built on a satellite, is the "eye in the sky" that identifies minerals and water collection points on the planet. The procedure is carried out by measuring infrared waves and visible light corresponding to various chemical structures, and then divided into pixels that represent the area from 100 to 200 meters in diameter.

Pixels depicting minerals such as alignite, rarefine, serpentine and perchlorate are most likely to replace the sensors with intense light and shadow zones, which corresponds to the different vertices of the data. A team of researchers has been eager to explore the potential spread of perchlorate salts, requiring a new algorithm to clarify the filtration process. Finally, approximately 0.05% of the pixels flatten peaks like porklora.

                                Illusion Vault: It is studied that Marsian satellite

Fortunately, most of the minerals are a little polluted. After examining those places using other means, scientists have discovered that minerals are basically in their place. But perchlorate – only a small part was real. This could be an important issue.

Marcian's atmosphere is too cold and thin on the surface where it is in a liquid state. However, perchlorate salt of the melting point can be as small as only a small amount of liquid. Still, the theory.

After you identify the problem in CRISM, Mark finds out where the Perchlorate is. Because we have been causing only a few pixels, the existing cards are fuzzy, but not useless. You can also adjust the data obtained from CRISM using other tools.

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