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We have never seen the northern poles of the Sun, so scientists are modeling it

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We do not have the Sun's real polarity on the North Pole but it does not mean that we can not figure it out.

On Monday, the team of the European Space Agency (ESA) removed the images that they believed would be visible when they looked up the North Pole.

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The previous missions, such as the ESA's Proba-2 satellite and NASA's SDO ships, focus on the latitudes located on the star equator. The only mission to explore the solar poles was the so-called "Ulysses" joint mission between ESA and NASA, and this technique did not include any fancy equipment.

This ESA team will be creative to determine if it looks similar to the northern column of the Sun.

First, they collected data from a device installed on board Proba-2, which is called Sun Watcher, with the Active Pixel System detector and the Image Processing telescope. Then, they collected a single piece of data that allows them to "see" the North Pole of the Sun.

Image Credit: ESA / Royal Observatory in Belgium

Sun study

You do not have to wait long to see if the ESA team's image is real. In February 2020, ESA plans to launch its Solar Orbiter mission. In contrast to previous missions, spacecraft receives high-tech images of the Sun, allowing scientists to take a direct look at the poles.

These pictures can help scientists to answer many questions about the Sun. But before they come, this extrapolated image can serve as a useful bench.

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