Saturday , June 19 2021

What do they tell Adrian Suar's "secret friend"?

Cover of the magazine Soon tells about his alleged girlfriend Adrianna Swalived and lived separately Griselda Siciliani, But with other women, such as Brazil Maria Bop, your partner Host

However, they are talking about the story now Florence Alzieu, 30-year-old model, which has been known since mid-last year. The wedding was held in Uruguay. The trip was secret, and they were unable to take photos with each other. At the Punta del Este airport, they were shown individually, and Suar Florencia was concerned with all customs procedures and was not linked to a younger model.

The love story began in July last year when it opened in Palermo. At that moment Adrian walked along Pablo Codevilla and Gustavo Bermúdez. There, Adrian found out the young woman and wanted to know who it was. The crucial fact was to know that Florence was a friend Lucia Pedrata, Neo Viola's daughter and the beginning of the romance. According to the information published by the magazine, it was a meeting for them Soon

But consult with sources close to the manager Thirteen, version otherwise. They assert that Suar is "He wants to be alone now" This means constant enlightenment. He will go out, spend a lot of time, he knows and spend time with Florencia, but he is not a "girl". Not at all officially. They also do not exclude the publication but assume that this will be the time when the new relationship becomes official.

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