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Why do not air companies want people to travel at the simplest fare?


The choice between the tourist class and the executive branch disappeared when purchasing an air ticket. In order to fill thin borders, airline companies have become more and more successful traders. They have made different travel options, especially in the cabin of the economy where the new and reduced rates are the most welcome guests.

They call it "the main economy."

After a few years, the base rate was firmly established. A few days ago, Alaska Air Group started selling these tariffs and JetBlue Airways is preparing to prepare similar offers until mid-2019 (Southwest Airlines is the only American airline to abstain from this ultra-low tariff).

The main economic tariff for those who have not yet survived is: does not allow the tariffs to be changed or returned; some airlines let you choose the right place (for an additional price) for one week or more; There are no others; Like many other passengers, it allows you to use the upper space for the suitcases; United States Continental Holdings, however, are not; Some airlines, for example, Alaska and Delta Air Lines, even lend integrity loyalty programs to members.

But in the end, everyone on the plane does not know who you are: whatever flight you fly with, If you choose the basic economy, you will make the final decision.

According to JetBlue President Joanna Geragti, the base rates reflect the consumer environment, which is based on strict pricing. «Travelers choose the price according to the size of their wallets, indicating that they are willing to give some part of the experience to the lowest possible level, "wrote the JetBlue blog, warning that such an unscatural" airline "is at risk of falling short.

However, this phenomenon is a delicate handshake. The goal is to trust the minimum amount, but to do so, This makes the economy so unpleasant, and many people make extra money to trade with traditional economies, and now they are expensive. The major economic routes are also a steady increase in revenues of airline companies often struggling to raise prices.

In the United States, Delta chose the base economic benchmark as a defensive measure against low cost competitors, There are low prices for key products such as "Spirit Airlines" and "Frontier". Their idea was to comply with their tariffs on uninterrupted routes, but at least with the privileges, for example, the ability to change the flight.

The key economic performance continued in a wide range of sectors, divided into several booths with various services, called aircraft segmentation. Therefore, You can find seats in traditional economic performance, there is plenty of space for the economic downturn and the economic premium, all in the same plane.

The main economic economics of Latin America, the Caribbean and Atlantic, but it did not appear on long-haul flights to Asia or South America.

"If Norway and WOW Air were $ 99 in Tokyo or Buenos Aires, then I would see the key economic growth in the market," says Settle Kaplan, a trader. Airline weekly. For long hauls, economic preference on cheap carriers is diminishing, and passengers generally consider catering and chairs as crucial, as the quality of the service increases. "It's partly explaining why these low and low cost flights were not as successful as a short flight," he said.

At the beginning of this month, Alaska Airlines launched a new "savings" bidding with tickets from San Diego to three cities. At the beginning of January flights will begin with all the markets with "savings" rates. Seattle's airline allows you to choose the place, even if it is an intermediate place on the back of the aircraft.. This is the main difference from the rest of the industry.

Some of the choices are better than anything else, said the official representative of the airline. «I think it's important for people"Alliance's Commercial Director, Andrew Harrison, was announced in April when a new tariff was announced.

But even for the cheapest and staid clients, the line should be made in one place. This summer, the American airlines, based in Fort Worth, Texas, Unlike Delta, basic economic travelers have been able to carry their bags after losing market, which means yes, letting you take your suitcase.

What was the success of the airline's marketing strategy? Americans said last month Approximately 60% of consumers choose not basic, simple basic rate, but its expectation is that its luggage policy will reduce to half the interest rate.

Unified – the limitation of the baggage of passengers in the main economic direction, a quick step to plan your flight and plan your departure. Business Director of Joint Venture Andrew Knox said that he does not plan to change baggage rules.

«In my opinion, the key economic indicator will allow us to be productive and productive in order to be successful, allowing us to compete with competitive ultra-low competitors, and let our work timely give good results, "said Nocella." And it works as it was designed.

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