Wednesday , October 5 2022

Why not take another cord to charge your mobile phone?


Borrower loader This is normal when your phone battery is running out of power or when it has run out It is necessary to remove it from that moment.

It's not a usual habit, it's a big mistake. Comparing Charles Henderson with Global Governance Partner and IBM Security's X-Force Network Leader Charles Henderson: "It's like lining your underwear."

For cyber security experts, The cell phone charger cable is never a loan. "It's a personal thing you need to buy when you do not have it," he said.

The cell phone charger cable is never a loan.

The main reason is hackers, people hired for personal information stealing, they knew how to implant malicious software download cables, software that generates personal information or passwords to steal money or prevent mobile phone owners from accessing it. All of this is without noticeing your sacrifice.

Thus, when the pests implant the malware into the charging cage and connect it to the mobile phone, computers can be accessed remotely get all the information about your personal, banking and work.

Hackers, hired to steal personal information, have learned how to run malicious charging cables.

Charles Henderson explains the opening of a hacker summer camp at the annual DEF CON Hacking conference in Las Vegas, USA. This situation is clear.

"Hacker has changed his iPod to connect the iPod to the Mac, and showed the iPhone cable. He immediately managed to reach the distance to the cable IP address and computer. It eliminated malware after improverly received all the information, to eliminate the evidence of its existence, "he said.

Suggestion: Although it is not currently presented as a threat, it should be careful.

Recommendation: Although it is currently not a common threat, You have to be careful.

Be careful also at charging stations. Like charging cables, one of the things you should not use to connect your mobile phone is the USB charging stations located in public places, such as airports, shopping malls, and sometimes bus terminals.

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