Monday , June 5 2023

YouTube: NASA Elon Musk reviews mystery of SpaceX after interviewing smokers VIDEO | Peace


Behavior of billionaires Elon McLean, the owner of the aerospace company SpaceX, In a video of a viral virus infected with YouTube, Joe Rogan is seen as a smoker when he talks to his radio show.

Being in the Washington Post SpaceX The NASA, which is responsible for delivering spacecrafts to the space station, will send it to at least at least for investigation and discuss the company's staff. Elon Mus

In an interview where the founder Tesla drinking whiskey appears, Elon Mus he says, "we are living in one of the many parallel galaxies, thanks to a much more developed civilization of the planet." This creates a big contention for viewers who have watched the video YouTube.

Press secretary NASA, Bob Jacobs did not deny this option Elon Mus this decision, but only for companies (for example,SpaceX and Boeing).

And William Gerstenmayer, NASA to conduct human intelligence work in the interview to The Washington Post, analyzing "all and all things that affect security."

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