Thursday , August 11 2022

A mysterious seismic sound was detected in May


Seismic sensors first took up an incident near the island between Midian and Africa. Then, the call started as far away as Chile, New Zealand, and Canada.

Hawaii, on the other side of the planet, has actually brought an "event."

No one knew.

Meteorite? Subaric Volcano? Nuclear Testing?

"I do not think I've seen it"national geographic said Gorana Extrem, a seismologist at Columbia University. "This, in the end, does not mean that their cause is exotic."

In the center of the mystery, the small island of Mayotte is located halfway between Africa and Midiagasar. An earthquake has been recorded since May. Although the majority are small, the largest is May 8, the largest history of the islands, 5.8 magnitude.

But before the beginning of this month there was a fall of the earthquake until the mysterious call was identified.

Extreme, specializing in special earthquakes, underscored the event that took place on November 11. This planet is calling, holding a low frequency monoton.

Earthquakes are, in nature, usually registered as short-term scratches. Because of the sudden release of the earth's crust, the apparent seismic waves emerge out of the slide.

The first signal is called the "First Wave".

The second wave will emerge: the high frequency waves will tend to be "tired" too much.

Only then will the waves of the surface appear: slow, deep ropes fall and can rotate the Earth several times.

On November 11, the main or secondary waves of the incident were not identified.

All recorded were deep, resonant surface waves. Like a wave of earthquakes, it "did not fall." Instead, it was far cleaner – kept the musical frequency.

According to National Geographic, the French Geological Service suspects that a new volcano may be generated from the coast in Mayotte. The island is made up of volcanoes, but it does not work for more than 4000 years.

According to the French, magnetic movements can move along shores and 50 km from deep water. It is determined by GPS sensors, and Mayotte moves about 5 cm to the south-east less than five months.

But this is a poorly mapped area. What lies beneath the ocean can only be predicted.

Extrem believes that an unusual clear signal may be caused by magma shrinkage in the chamber or a gap in the underlying rocks.

But he is not sure.

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