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According to the Chief of Hi-Fi Hi-Fi, Mayer, David Jones "fights for topicality"


Executive Director of JB Hi-Fi, Richard Murray, has denied that Australia is in a retail decline, and has instead condemned the fact that large stores are not important for their mistakes.

David Jones, South Africa's Woolworths Holdings, said the crisis was a crisis when the national sector was forced to cut $ 437 million earlier this month.

But JB Hi-Fi said this report yesterday raised its 7.1% annual net profit to $ 249.8 million, exceeding the experts' expectations.

Murray gave business basics as the key to a good retail seller: value, price and usage pattern.

"We are not a universal store and, of course, there are many things to do with department stores. I wish them good luck, "he told

"Of course, we are a smaller model, and it looks like it works well."

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David Jones and Maerer described the high cost of rent as key factors in his performance, but Mr. Murray said that the size did not make it difficult for other retailers.

"Bunnies make it even more profitable, but it's a lot of trouble for shops," she said.

"It is because of the fact that it understands its customers and has the right to recommend it.

"We hold our race and appoint an arbitrator (Whether or not there is a retail recession in Australia).

"It's no secret that stores are currently in the focus of consumer attention."

Gary Mortimer, a retail expert at the Queensland Technology University, agrees that the Aussie sector is downturned, and such statements are unacceptable to consumer confidence.

"It is not logical to detect retail sales in just about half a billion dollars in DJ business," he told

Professor Mortimer acknowledged that the retail divisions were subjugated, but JB's Hi-Fi proved that the industry was not in decline.

"Cafe, restaurant and dining are well-stocked," he said.

"Food and food prices go well despite deflation, and nowadays there is growth in prone categories, as consumers like consumer electronics."

According to Professor Mortimer, $ 1080 tax exemptions for small and medium-sized Australians have spurred the costs over the past two months.

He also said that the continuity of the May election results in federal elections was an added bonus for improving credibility.

"When it comes to governance, consumers will be more prepared to buy consumer electronics, including cars and housing," said the retail expert.

Woolworths Holdings acquired David Jones' sales network for $ 2.1 billion in 2014, and its executive director, Ion Mair, plans to turn the company into a southern hemisphere seller.

However, the cost of popular stores reduced to $ 965 million.

The second, starting in the beginning of this month, will create a vivid picture for all worldwide department stores since 2018, because stores choose a wide range of online players online like Amazon.

In response to changing trends, David Jones has updated Internet offers, cuts down costs and saves space, and renews the flagship branding Elizabeth St in Sydney, offering exclusive brands for clothing, footwear and underwear.

David Johnston, the company, announced that it could pay $ 437.4 million, which would reduce the cost of the unit to approximately $ 965 million.

Woolworths Holdings spokeswoman said: "This record shows stable and unprecedented economic pressures and structural changes in the Australian market."

"The retail sector in Australia is currently falling, and the Australian economy has dropped to a halftone level since the 2009 global financial crisis."

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