Monday , August 15 2022

Android update: These great updates will soon come to your smartphone


Android is the Google operating system used for mobile devices and tablets.

In fact, many smartphones that Apple did not produce were launched by Android.

Google has released the latest version of the Android 9 Pie software, which has some recent improvements.

One of the most surprising is the adaptive battery, which removes power engineering from the application software, and uses it to the advantage they make.

Despite the fact that Google has outgrown the Android version of the new range of features, Mountain View regularly updates and decodes the software.

Google has recently held its Android Dev Summit, which discusses the future of its operating system and has announced a new "In-App Updates API" that alter users how to receive app updates.

The American technology has said that in the future, there will be two options for delivering updates to Android developer developers.

Initially, the user's display shows a dominant message that updates are important.

However, people can, for instance, decline the message if the battery is low.

This is for updates that need to be implemented as soon as the security fixes.

In addition, the second method allows developers to deliver their new software in the background, which means Android owners can use their smartphone in the process.

Commenting on the new changes, Google said: "We've heard that you want to get additional controls to ensure that your users are running the latest and greatest version.

"To resolve this issue, we will launch the Software Updates API, testing the API with early-access partners and will soon send it to all developers.

"You have two versions with this API: the first is a full screen experience of important updates when you're waiting for updates.

"The second option is flexible upgrade, which can continue to be used by the user during the upgrade.

"You can completely alter the stream of updates, so it looks like part of your app."

All of Google's efforts are designed to help developers place the most current version of their software in the hands of most users.

Despite the awesome shock of updates that have been released in the background, Google said that its new API is now "tested" and will be launched "soon" to all developers.

When developers can use functionality, users will see these changes.

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