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Many news and interesting news for the week ends.

Apple palms

Apple was justified in a long dispute with Qualcomm (at any time). At Reuters, Stephen Nellis said:

American federal judge Qualcomm Inc has charged Apple Inc. with $ 1 billion in patent royalties. It was unlikely that Apple would issue a check to Qualcomm because of other incidents of the dispute.

Judge of the US District Court for Southern California Gonzalo Culieel has committed to paying approximately one billion dollars in the payments to Qualcomm Apple, the world's largest mobile phone chip supplier, to qualify Qualcomm's modem chips for iPhones over the years with wireless data networks.

We've been recording the Qualcomm difficulties for a while. This protracted dispute is complicated, as Qualcomm needs success from its patents and does not push its most important customer. The situation is faster and the parties are moving (regardless of financial result).

In addition, Spotify and Apple this week have been a huge anti-monopoly talk. The news editor of TechCrunch, Ingredient Lunden, has released the latest inauguration in Saga:

On a site called "Call for Complaints from Spotify", mixing and removing Spotify's allegations of how Spotify works, including Apple App Store's lockout times, a clear cut of Spotify's subscription revenue. As a result of being on iOS.

Additionally, Apple carefully monitors the requirements of Spotify: Spotify examines the company's anti-competitive action with the European Commission and the relationship between Apple and Spotify (and any developers) on Apple Music's platform that is directly competing with Spotify. In the context of creating and expanding Apple Music, it really does provide a gaming space.

2019 is the year in which many of the app stores violate their revenue models. And this is not limited to Apple alone – Steam will face great difficulties in the gaming market. Chris Morris wrote a few weeks ago on the Extra Crunch:

What is the note for players selling from Epic Games? This is, of course, a set of factors, but most of them are financial. In order to encourage publishers and developers to use their systems, Epic reduces only 12 per cent of revenue from sales. This is much lower than that in the BBB's 30 percent Steam (or Apple or Google's earnings in retail stores).

According to Morris, he learned that with his Fortnite experience, he could earn 12%, and he wanted to work for the standard gaming shops. Although Apple has a monopoly on its App Store, there is no such competition. This is a major battle, considering that Apple wants to increase revenue from its financial model.

One of the coolest ways to improve the Internet: praise groups

Geti Images by Yiu Yu Hoi

The Chinese Internet marketplace for unique online business models is a place of inspiration.

Weibo has an article on the popular new form of online communication in China:

In Chinese social media these days, the new phenomenon was hot topic. & # 39; Bouquet & groups (夸夸 群) are chatting parties, some of which are people, even if they say that something is wrong, while other people always tell them how wonderful they are.

The team pays $ 7.50 for a 5 minute session, with 200 participants. Their experience:

How do some 200 people praise and acknowledge hundreds of brags? This is very important, and you know that you are still online, but it does not matter who you are or what you say – it still lets you inside.

According to some Chinese state media outlets, people do not have too much confidence in this group of enthusiasts, but sometimes it does not allow them to congratulate for a few minutes.

I only believe in members of Extra Crunch.

Reduces media usage and Tumblr traffic crash

Bryce Durbin / A TechCrunch image

Many technicians left their job yesterday (or denied), but according to the new report, the same thing happened to the media:

Consolidation, decline in revenue, Troubleshooting language as well as violence against members of the media in 2018. Also, since 2009, it has been the year of earning the largest number of non-working ads in the sector. For example, Job Cut Report is a global monthly copy and Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Traditional media and even some startups, such as Vice President, are a great challenge for their cost structures to be incompatible with their income models. We have heard it for years, years and years, but today media outlets have not been able to earn a living in 2019.

Red ink is not a business model.

Also, Tumblr (owned by TechCrunch's parent company Verizon Media) is a source for Shernan Liao's The Verge website:

Global Tumblr traffic reached 521 million in December, but by February it dropped to 370 million, reports Web Analytics Firm SimilarWeb. The Verge. Statista describes a similar trend in the number of unique visitors. In January 2019, more than 432 million people visited Tumblr and reached more than 642 million people in July 2018.

A few months ago, I decided that the Tumblr solution (and my employer)

I'm pushing Apple down. I told the Renaissance about the Pope about "banning all the pictures." I get a business solution that tries to keep the Tumblr pure image. These points are available reasonable, but all of them are useless if they are not the main and long term users of Tumbler.

Nowadays this data shows the high cost of these solutions. People are amazed at what the media means to be dismissed

Why can not we build it? It should not be abandoned

Getia Images by Caiaimage / Rafal Rodzoch

Writer Arman Tabatbay

We understand that there is no answer to the question, "Why can not we build things?", As we develop our infrastructure and reduce our awakening. All aspects of the life cycle of the project, from planning to construction, are effective. We can identify some difficulties for precarious incentives, entertainment, or obsolete business models, but the friction in the development of infrastructure arises from the complex complexity of any project on any scale.

Previously, we have solved the issues in terms of infrastructure planning and financing. This week, we met with engineer Roman Agraval to find out about the difficulties in engineering and construction processes and how they came to be. It is built in 2018, in the book "Hidden Events of Our Structures".

Built in acting as a leader in history and science in engineering engineering. With the help of historical and contemporary examples, Agrawal should focus on all physical and wind conditions, water and fire resistance – when all engineers are planning their infrastructure.

During our conversation with Agrawal, we tried to understand the key issues of the project's major engineers, and which of them really did not work. The most interesting moments in our conversations are:

  • Confirmation of the main dynamics discussed by an infrastructure expert Phil Ploß, Said Agrawal misinformation and misunderstanding between project participants may be a problem for many projects.
  • As a structural engineer in the past, Agrava noticed a lack of knowledge about structural engineering and what really mattered. Not only uneducated people, but also architects and designers worked on major projects. Developers often did not know how the decisions affected architects, and how did architects affect engineers and so on.
  • Aigarval told of the similarities between historical career: "If you return to history – the Roman times – there was no difference between architects and engineers. They are called "Master-builders" … [they] tells about architecture, but talks about forces and materials and winds. " However, even if some of these sectors do not have decentralized information in these areas, they may be associated with sluggishness, laziness, or ignorance, Agrava has explained that such conclusions really strengthen something. …
  • * … great and growing complexity which is included in the minute of each project. For example, financiers may be dealing with an incomprehensible structuring of debt, and engineers have to make accurate calculations based on situations where the quality of deeply measured soils and the historical chemical effects of that soil are difficult to measure.
  • "I can say that today one person can not fully understand all the specialties to get a modern structure. So, of course, we were divided into people who were looking for steel and concrete, looking at ventilation systems, looking through drainage, and looking at firefighters. And, of course, the architects themselves, then people are funding it, and so on. "Because every development or change technology, project size, climate, or otherwise, it is difficult for everyone to understand their decisions in the development process, and it affects their colleagues.
  • Thus, inevitably, there is no lack of knowledge and error. Many construction projects have a success story coordination According to Agrawal. Similar Plot, Agrava says that bad communication and playback can quickly cascade the problem and then cause losses and delays, as it is difficult to understand what is happening to one another at a project level.
    • "Generally, there is something wrong to add and add. Therefore, if you think you have about 100 steps, it will ensure that your project is safe, and one, two, or even five is not 100% – the product may still be good. But after reaching that limit, this number is a little bit wrong with some 15 or 20 things, so we'll start with some specific issues. "
  • If it is a mistake in every large US project, after having done a profound study of historical engineering and construction processes, we are really improving projects will be implemented on an unprecedented scale. Larger construction projects have been successfully implemented, with the help of anchorage, mega projects and great flexibility.
    • "I think we now forget that we already exist. When we go in and say, "O my God, are they so great? How do they live? How did engineers make this right? "But, as we have forgotten, some of these structures have been devastating and killing people before doing the right thing … And if something happens, the events of this life – the current events are much more manageable and we are experiencing a small percentage compared to the previous ones."

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