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Bob Geldof's ARIA appearance prompts debate about Aussie awards



November 29, 2018 18:10:37

Boomtown Rats frontman Bob Geldof has been criticized for social media for his awkward stage presence and "cringe-inducing" banter at the ARIA Awards on Wednesday night.

Key points:

  • Rock Legend's Joke about Keith Urban Groans from the audience
  • But his pride of casey chambers was applauded
  • Appearance of the Australian award ceremonies

Geldof was brought to the final stage of the night of the Song of the Year.

After being introduced by Keith Urban, who was hosting the ceremony, Geldof appeared to have temporarily forgotten the country singer's name.

"Welcome back to the ARIAs," Urban said.

Geldof replied with something that sounded like "thanks Jim" and very little like "Keith".

Urban asked the Live Aid organizer about the time he hosted the award ceremony in 1991, to which he was joked about.

"It was a while, when they did not remember these sort of things – they come and go," Geldof said.

"Like tonight?" Urban replied.

"Judging by your performance, yes," said Geldof.

The quip prompted uncomfortable groans from the crowd, which was followed by more awkward banter between the two.

"You called me and begged me to help you out tonight, Keith," said Geldof.

"It's nice for someone to finally call you and ask for help," Urban replied.

Geldof then went off-script before announcing the nominees for the award, saying he was unable to read the teleprompter.

"I'm making this up, but it sounds f good for me," he said.

Kasey Chambers, who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, is not the only person to be singled out.

This prompted an emotional response from Chambers and applause from the audience.

Geldof's segment was a "total cringe" and "embarrassing", with some of the viewers talking.

"We have our own stars – let them shine," one ABC viewer said on Twitter.

"It's a good idea."






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