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How did the KUWTK star make her money?


Kyle Jenner made his biggest mistrust of billions of empires.

At the age of 21, Jenner is the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Now he is also the richest person in the group.

It's not enough, Jenner has just named Forbes the youngest billionaire, and he respected Mark Zuckerberg, who just founded Facebook.

When she paid a lot of money for reality shows,Resist the Killer (Playing at Foxtel), various modeling projects, and a successful world of paid postage at Instagram, with the great wealth of Jenner associated with the Kaili Cosmetics business.

The financial machine, its vision of business, is evident when it comes to its value, compared to its predecessor, Kim Cardashian, whose wife is estimated at $ 350 million.

Given that Kardashian has been working for a long time and also has a cosmetic line KWW Beauty, Jenner has been successful in such a short period of time.

So, one in the world has done a billion dollars, and they only worked three years ago.

Why there are a few clever and reasoning reasons.

The only makeup company was founded on November 30, 2015 and its sole owner, therefore, has no shareholders or investors are expecting it.

Of course, this is where all the scandals about whether he is a "self-made" billionaire. Many people need to start with a business idea from below, to put it on investors, convert it or fund stock to others.

Jenner was delighted to have won her.

Thanks to Jenner's 129-year-old instagram, sales of his products come from his own social media.

This factor reduces the cost of business advertising dollars.

It is worth noting that it uses only seven full-time employees whose products are mostly produced by Seed Beauty, which produces and produces makeup products for other brands. Jenner has over 500 employees.

Kylie cosmetic orders are made by the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, which is another convenient way to get the sales.

Jenner helps styling, colors, and overall inspiration, but his wife and manager invests in Chris Jenner, who shares 10% of his or her famous financial transactions.

Taking into account the following social networks, Jenner's initial shares were sold in 2015 and sold within less than one minute and broke the website.

Last year the company sold $ 360 million.

The dream of a business owner.

As you can see, why it is so beneficial to his company, Jenner makes a wise choice about how his business works.

He was also convinced of his greatest mistrust – the size of his lips – the maker of money.

Jenner was on TV K UWTK because when he was just 10 years old, he smiled as an adolescent when he was an adolescent. He was back again.

In 2017, after the company started its work, he acknowledged that he had completed his work.

"There are really few lips in me. And it was like my first love, and a guy said, "I did not think it would be a good kiss because you had little lips like you," she said in her reality show Life of Kylie.

"But I took it very seriously. You guys like, I do not know, it just made me impressive. I just danced and did not feel beautiful.

"I really want a big lips. I would lock my lips with my lips to make lip lips. Then, in the end, this lip liner does not do it. (I) has achieved my livelihood.

So, Kylie Cosmetics was born.

"It was uncertain and I made it a thing. I did not jeopardize lips, and confidence in her lipstick has helped, "she said Vogue last year.

"When people saw me real, they looked organic and worked."

– Kardashians will go to Foxtel on June 16 via E-channel. April 1.

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