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Information on the German archbishop F1 is legendary


Michael Schumacher can still fight, but the people around him can feel, says the German archbishop.

George Hanswain told F1 about his emotional journey seven times in the summer.

The 49-year-old driver of the race, despite his desire to respect his wife and his private life after a skiing accident in 2013, has drifted away from public attitudes.

But many high-class guests came home, including the saint of Schumacher's birthplace in Germany.

When speaking to Bill, the Pope's home manager in Vatican says, "He feels that people are loving people, cares for them, and gives thanks to God and releases very interesting people."

Schumacher, 14, was seriously injured during skiing in the French Alpine, and is thought to have taken 24 hours a day in a fashionable home in Switzerland.

Formula 1 driver suffered a brain injury, which left him in coma coma.

But a brilliant bout that has achieved remarkable success in his career.

"I stood up against him, holding my hands and looking at it," said the archbishop.

"His face, as we all know, is a distinctive feature of Michael Schumacher, he was just a little complement.

"Of course, I add Michael Schumacher and his family in my prayers."

Fans welcome the news about their favorite driver, because news stories are rarely published.

His manager, Sabin Kham, explains how much he loves it, "The media has never been able to communicate with Mikhail and Corinna in his private life.

"During a lengthy debate, Mikhail said to me," No need to call you next year, and I will disappear, "I guess, it's a secret dream that one day can do.

"So now I want to protect her desires, because I will not allow anything."

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