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Insect fracture tested against HIV and AIDS at home



November 29, 2018 13:04:35

The Department of Therapeutic Products has approved the sale of HIV testing instruments described in public health attorneys in the fight against viral hepatitis.

Key issues

  • The device can be purchased online
  • The 24-hour hotline helps test users
  • Self-testing is widely used in Europe and the United States

But one man living with HIV has become a method of identifying HIV as "Australia has left behind the rest of the world."

The TGA solution now does not have to go to a general practitioner or a sexual health clinic, which means that HIV can be tested at home.

A single-use finger test, developed by Atomo Diagnostics in Sydney, results in 15 minutes of HIV-infection.

Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt at the Parliament House of Canberra on World AIDS Day.

"For those who might not need a doctor or a doctor, they provide additional freedom, as well as access and convenience," said ABC in an interview with ABC.

In Australia until 2014, HIV self-test devices were banned, but later became available online for foreign buyers.

The attached Atomo device can be purchased online.

Faster delivery to many people

Donald Darwin, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian AIDS Federation, said that today's announcement makes it easier for people with HIV to be tested, such as gay and bisexual men.

"People who need four tests a year need something useful and accessible," he said.

"Self-examination – a missing part of a puzzle".

LGBTI's lawyer, Dean Beck, says he has been living with a virus for five years and has been lagging behind other countries where Australia has been using devices for a long time.

Self-testing is widely used in Europe and the United States, and the World Health Organization has suggested using household savings since 2016.

"It's not going to allow us to quickly and effectively test people for decades," Beck said.

According to him, those who have been tested have the status of HIV-infected.
Mr. Beck was eventually hoping that the tests would be available on medicines counters.

Burnet Institute's Public Health Professor Mark Stooy said that he supports patients as soon as possible, and supports self-testing in Australia's HIV prevention strategy.

People with HIV can stop their viral load in places where the virus is unable to reach other people.

But 10% of Australia does not know about HIV positive.

Professor Stauga has noted that stigma related to HIV has often hindered immigrants and other people in rural and remote areas from being more self-employed than others in the community.

We need support to achieve positive results

But he made the testing more accessible, explaining that health care services have "abandoned the level of control over the care of the sick with HIV".

According to her, some of the most important HIV positive people in the home can be further tested and accessed for medical care.

"But people who are diagnosed with HIV in 2018 will now be able to live a long and healthy life like other Australians," says Stoie.

According to TGA representative, Atomo Diagnostics offers a round-the-clock service to help test users.

The Bernette Institute is committed to testing self-test, self-testing through online and online platforms, with health care providers.

Mr. Hunt also announced that HIV is currently being included in the list of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme of Yulky, reducing the cost of treatment from $ 11,000 per year to $ 39.50 per scenario.

Holders of concession cards can reach the drug up to $ 6.90 per single scenario.

The government has also agreed to fund $ 5 million in the development of a new national virology strategy targeting the elimination of HIV in Australia by 2022.




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