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Is the birth certificate truly a sign of adult life? Scientists doubt that.


The problem is Hertwig's contribution, and it was against him.

According to several ambitious studies published in the last few years, the birth rate does not affect adults. This new wave of research is based on extensive data collecting and statistical methods than previous reports requiring the relationship between the subject and the individual.

Recent studies have shown that second-born babies are more bold than elderly ones.

Recent studies have shown that second-born babies are more bold than elderly ones.Credit:Alami

In his turn, Hertwig suggested that soon after he had studied dangerous behaviors, he would soon realize that his children had become disastrous. It does not exist.

"Our results show that adult behavior does not have an impact on risk tolerance in adults," says Hartwig's colleague, Thomas Lyjagara, of the Science Laboratory in Baleares, Spain. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Birth schedule does not affect the person measured in adult life & # 39; & # 39; there is an opinion.

The latter study was conducted in three ways: biographical data of researchers and revolutionaries; 11 thousand German household surveys; The Basel-Berlin Risk Investigation is a realistic assessment of 1500 people who conducts risky behaviors through interviews and experiments.

The researchers asked participants to be too fast, unprotected sex and other behaviors. Participants made simple experiments. Hertwig has given you a choice of two types of games: $ 10 (safe choice) or $ 10 for gambling at $ 100.

"None of these behaviors were later revealed and did not show a trust relationship between risk exposures," authors wrote.

Even alpinist Edmund Hillary did not study the order of birth of about 200 people who made a "life-threatening decision" to become revolutionaries or researchers, such as the guerrilla warfare Che Guevara and the socialist activist Rosa Luxemburg.

"This article is very clear and proves the absence of congenital malformations," said Stephen Schmuckle, a psychologist at the University of Leipzig.

Schmuckle and his colleagues assessed the birth rate of around 20,000 people in the United States, Germany and the UK in their 2015 study. The command of the team did not alter the qualities of five people. These qualities, called psychologists' "Big Fifth," were transparency, honesty, extraversion, coincidence and neuroticism. Two years later, Schmuckle's subsequent research on specific characteristics did not affect birth.

Previously born brethren may have higher IQ levels but not significantly different in life.

Previously born brethren may have higher IQ levels but not significantly different in life.Credit:Alami

The social psychologist of the University of Houston, Rodion Dianiang, studied more than 370,000 high school pupils, and in 2015 does not affect the "Big Five". This model of Damian was "bigger than all the past hundred years."

Schmuckle and Damian's research have shown that congenitated discipline does not affect the mind. Born newborns have an average of IQ or both. In addition, studies on congenitant behavior were conducted. One hypothesis suggests that parents give birth to first-born babies, especially the parents' efforts and attention to the divorce to other children.

But first of all, be careful not to overwhelm your pre-brainer about your newborn brothers: a small bonus that is inherent in a parent-line order, which is "indefinitely unchanged in your life."

One of the reasons for resisting the idea of ​​the development of personality is that until 2011, sociologists have tried to publish "zero effect", says Damian.

Zero Impact is the result of non-statistically significant relationships between the study variables. The Society of Social Sciences has gained a zero effect, he said, after he failed to repeat the results of classical experiments several times.

In everyday life, the result of age features depends on the birth rate.

In everyday life, the result of age features depends on the birth rate.
Credit:Paul Rover

Damien describes the behavior of his relatives as "the theory of zombies," which, despite arguments, sits forward.

We are also inclined to confuse birth and age. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; The effects of some congenital disorders that are noticed in everyday life do not influence the order of birth, but in fact, the effects of youth & # 39; & # 39; "Shmuckle wrote.

For example, adolescence is adult age. "It's not surprising if you pay attention to the differences in the family," she said, "that the firstborn is more honest than the birth of a later child." But the picture is old and the result disappears.

According to Hertwig, the birth rate affects children's attitudes, but these effects are lost when adults are present.

& # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Birth order study is 100 years old, "said Hertwig, the root of Freudian psychoanalytic theory. We will draw closer to the truth. But I did not say that we fully understand the truth. "

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