Monday , December 6 2021

Keith Urban was named the year's favorite


Kit Urban is recognized as the Year's Eve in the Country Music Association Award in 2018.

His wife, actress Nicole Kidman, tears in her eyes as her husband went on the stage for a gift on Wednesday evening.

To the country's superstar Kidman, she was "surprised" by saying, "Boy girl, I love you very much."

City Chris Stapleton, Luc Brian, Jason Alden and Kenny Cesnee won.

An Australian artist said, "I wish I could see my dad."

Stapleton, however, cleanses the house in MMA, including male singers, singers and singers, including four men.

"I want to thank my children who are with me, not wanting to be a good daddy," says four children's father, wife, singer, writer Morgane Stapleton, pregnant.

Stapleton also gained the productivity of the night: his Mavis Staples, Maren Morris, Marty Stewart and his wife, the superfather of the famous singer's son, Pop Staples, the Friendship spirit and the powerful productivity.

Then they took you on the stage with the chorus. They were very passionate about the audience.

When Stapleton won a year – when he won the show as a former performer and producer, he said "Thinking about people in California" and wants to "dedicate them to this award".

Last week, 12 people were killed in a musical bar in Southern California, and were also honored at the top of the show if the names of Garit Brooks were shown on the screen.

"Let's have a good night of life tonight, and we'll bring together music in love," Brooks says.

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