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Lloyd Pope is the Australian cricket as a World Cup winner


AUSTRALIA'S BATTLEMEN have been blamed for the latest failures in the team, but next year, when he joined the World Cup, he was worried about the first six players.

Although Australians are one of the best players in the world, the one-day team is still forced to live in the front-sprint, but Lloyd Pop can be a World Cup winner in 2019.

In January, when he was against England at 8/35 at the World Championships under the age of 19, the Pope emerged after the 7/87 strike against Australia's second Scandinavian Shield Scandinavis.

One of the researchers, Adam Zampa, had a difficult time with the recently-completed ODI series Proteas, one without a fight, and struggling for two or three rhythm games. He finished with 0/57 points out of nine in Adelaide and several times captain Aaron Finch came out of the attack.

While working in 5/320 in South Africa, all dancers have just dropped off yesterday's charter expenses, but Zampa only runs six times and runs 32 times. Grant Maxwell, an assistant timer, was in favor of sending seven sums.

Zampa fell down this year before re-launching its three-match series against South Africa, but Nathan Lyon's Nathan Lyon test refused to add to limited-time exercises as Nathan Lion's test referee did not return to national colors. Australia is looking for answers.

Ashton Ash was part of South Africa, but he did not pay attention to all three games, which is not the first choice of selectors. Shane Warn urged Victor Fawad to have an explosive device, but it was unlikely in the 36's, his muscular brush Mitchell Swepson was still working, and NSW Tweaker came out to Steve O & # 39; Ceefe.

According to Cricket journalist Robert Craddock, although the Pope is not ready for a full-fledged training from the Australian side, it can be a useful shock tactic at the tournament as well as the World Cup. Craddock Shane Wear equaled his potential impact on Brad Hogg, who blocked himself in the one-day team after being summoned for World Cup 2003.

Hogg's greatest asset is his mistaken misconception of the world's best bitmasters at that time, and Hoddh's view is that the change in pop can be a minor and at the same time as successful at the Tomb level.

"I congratulate Lloyd Pope on his mistake," said Craddock, tells Albert Welle on the radio.

"There is one thing that really loves the World Cup cricket. Brad Hogg may have been unwilling to be an international player, but he went to two World Cups (2003 and 2007) and killed them.

"That's the reason. Her mistress was asked five days in a row and asked, "What's in God's name?"

"Then he moved to another opponent and turned it back.

"I see some of Lloyd's pops – that's it.

"He has a killer mistake. His other balls are not special, they are average. At any one time, you can challenge him at any time and learn from him.

"But what do you think you have won 10 times – it's World Cup and there's pressure, can you pick the right word?"

However, Ryan Harris, a former test runner at the age of 19 at the time of the World Cup, said that it would take more time to study the craftsmanship before drawing the young pistol.

Starting with his seven-speed train at two floating speeds, Pop did not finish 0/10 in the second Fall against Queensland, 0/54 against Victoria.

"She is not the next Shane Wear," said Harris recently in AAP. "He has a lot to know. Stop calling it Shane Warn.

"We are talking about any transformation after Shane, and we have just burned it."

Former Victorian striker Darren Berry and Adil Rashid, who defended England's honor, repeated the opinion of Harris, among those who were calling for patience on the future of the Papa.

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