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Memory: Increase memory? Start walking back


Washington DC [USA]: Those who go forward and have a good memory test are better than those who live or go.

Experts at Reforma University found the same effect on five experiments. They asked 114 volunteers to watch a video that was stolen from a woman's bag and then responded to the question of whether she would recall.

After watching the video, the participants were divided into groups – one by one or more than 30 feet (10 meters) in the back. They asked 20 questions about what happened to the video and found that the art-band group had two more responsibilities than those who could move and move.

One of them is involved in a similar procedure, but the volunteers checked out how much the list contained.

Participants thought to move forward or backward to others, or see a video taken on the train, leaving impressions on whether to move back or forth. In all scenarios, those who thought they were going back and forth were the most responsible.

It is still unclear why it is necessary to improve the memory of actual or predictable movements, but the researcher of the university, Dr. Akcentievich, thought about how it would affect future research and how to apply it.

"I am convinced that some of this work will help people remember, but how will the problem be solved?" He said.

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