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Mr. Duttthyr was invited to meet with Robin Williams, 25


It was It has been 25 years since Mr. Duttthyr Since then, the movie has become a fan of the big screen.

For the 1993 comedy comedy, Pierce Brosnan, Lisa Yakub, Matthew Lawrence and Mara Wilson, Returned to the United States Today Try to think about the good times that Robin Williams shares. In the movie, the late actress played a divorce dressed as a woman named Duttthyr, so her ex-wife Sally Field) does not allow him to spend with his three children.

"Robin has a cosmetic tram, a white dress, big trousers, trousers, and big legs, but she was the head of Doubletree," says 65-year-old Brosnan Williams, who He died in 2014.

"Oh, sweetheart, Pierce, you look good to us," says Williams.

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But the comic has given more than just a laugh – it has helped children on the screen.

"One of the most powerful things in working with me is that he has been in touch with me, talked about depression and related issues, and I was honest with him," recalls 39-year-old Yakub. I'm worried about my life. "

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Lawrence Williams observes her emotions not only in the mood, but also on the set.

"Robin was like a leader," says Lawrence, who was 13 years old. "Anyway, he suddenly looked up at me and said," By the way, do not do drugs! "I thought. & # 39; I did not like it, it was good.

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But when he was in contact with Williams Wilson, he was only six years old. In fact, it was impossible to keep the face of an interesting character hero.

"It's more than 25!" Said 31-year-old Williams. Robin is different every time.

This concept ended with Williams, a screenwriter whose screen shot screen. Although the veteran actress did not take part in the movie last month, he remembers the movie with love.

"It was very clever and it was very fun," said the 72nd squad The project last month "He had an infinite power, and he wants to accept it after accepting, because everyone is trying to do something different."

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