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Nebuels on Icebreakers on Twitter, Australian Bank Manager Ken Henry


Twitter's board of directors was angry over Ken Henry, chairman of the National Bank of Australia, on the characteristics of "ridiculers, nurseries, and bad".

Billy Milloner Henry, the most authoritative and prestigious Australian public servant, was afraid of the answers, asked questions, refused to answer, and talked with his breath.

Senior Treasury Secretary, Rawen Orr, a former Treasury Secretary, who owns a large property outside Canberra, told QC representative that he should answer and did not do that.

The answer to Twitter was basically his head.

Poster posters on Twitter believed that his "blow" and "catastrophic" responses came from his NAB and called it "dinosaurs."

"Ken Henry, the Idiot of Ambition, the customer's downfall is a problem with his client," wrote @ gretep4.

"Any self-respecting shareholder must demand that he immediately resign."

Others Henry threatened to "do not respect the Orthodox …" and others threatened to close the NAB bank accounts immediately.

Ken Henry's Wikipedias site was seen as a "rare instrument and genuine bag" in the Royal Commission.

Henry was no longer prepared, although the heads of other banking and financial institutions were sorry for the royal commission.

When Orre Henry encourages the NAB commission to respond to the "charge for service payment", you can exchange it.

The NAB managers kept quiet for 11 months before informing the ASIC regulator, the bank was $ 34.6 million ($ 36.8 million) due to customer failure.

Or: Do you think that management should be earlier?

Henry: (long pause) … Anyway, let's have ours here, I'll put it down … I do not know yet …

Or: Please answer my question, Dr. Henry. Do you think that management should be earlier?

Henry: I asked how I could answer the question.

Or: sorry or not? Henry?

Henry: I asked how I chose to answer the question.

Or: I want to answer my question. Do you think that management should be earlier?

Henry: I wanted to.

Or: I accept him as Dr. Henry

Henry: You accept it as a yes. Good?

The posters on Twitter did not pay attention to Henry's "doctor", "Thehonestbank tweeting" does not mean that you do not have a DR in your name, you are God. Unfortunately, Ken Henry of the NAB did not receive a memorandum.

Dr. Henry EK, a doctor of economic sciences, an economist of the Australian Order, and a surviving spoiled vegetative environment. Sometimes it was simply rude.

When asked about the question, Henry says, "We've got through," Orr replied, "No, I do not think I have.

Henry back behind: "Can not you do it?"

Or: No.

Henry: (with his breath) No, you would not be.

Orr asked Henry to report on an official breach of charging at least 12,000 clients about the NAB's absence of an official statement of illegality.

Or: Of course, should one of your business think that this issue is contrary to the law, and if so, should it be contrary to the law?

Henry: Yes.

Or: Of course, would it be necessary to report this risk management risk management risk management committee?

Henry: Maybe.

Or: As far as we go, maybe Henry?

Henry: Yes, maybe.

Or: I'm afraid I do not understand the reason for your abnormalities?

Henry: Maybe you can not explain it.

At another time, Henry accepted the style of lecture, for example, when he asked the bank's managers about the big bonus payments, telling them about the state of capitalism.

"Capitalist model – it is not responsible for the maximum profitability of business for shareholders," he said.

"Over the past 12 months, many people who have participated in this debate have warned you that they will be targeted at maximizing your shareholder benefit."

Rowan Orr repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer NAB's request for delay. Photo / delivery
Rowan Orr repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer NAB's request for delay. Photo / delivery

Orr asked whether he would see the document he had just mentioned, and Henry could not remember it.

"Is not it really important?" he asked Orr's crap. "Maybe he'll do it.

Henry, who worked as a tax consultant for the Liberal and Labor governments, is, first of all, the beloved of the left.

Former Prime Minister Paul Ketting after working to win a successful team of opposition leader John Hewson's "FightBack"! He worked for the GST 1993 election campaign, Henry John Howard.

He went to work at Kevin Rudd and wrote the Henry Tax Review in 2010, and then Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister, as an adviser.

Nevertheless, Fairfax's press has ceased its royal commission during the Australian financial review, describing it as "deaf deaf".

"Henry has tried to portray himself as a deeply thought-out … but at the same time he is a waste of water in terms of NAB management and customer service views," AFR writes.

Henry, the executive director of the NAB in 2011, and later appointed as chairman in 2015, became the director of the Australian Reserve Bank.

In 2016, Henry asserted that the conflict between payroll bureaus and CEOs would not be wider.

He said that he would work to coordinate the payment of the client's results.

However, last year, NAB reported revenue of $ 6.64 billion, which announced that 4,000 banks had reduced their jobs.

Henry Henry's chief executive, Andrew Torgnn, executive director of NAB, says if he does, he could reach record $ 10.76 million this year.

As a chairman, Henry humbly comes up to Taberah as the son of a wooden cutter and receives $ 790,000 from the NAB.

He is also the Executive Director of the Australian ASX Consortium, the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Policy at the Australian National University, and the Chairman of the Advisory Council for the SMART Infrastructure Council at Wollongong University.

According to Henry, his countryside is called "Life", which was advised by Naomi, the Institute for Animal Protection.

In his "Voiceless" profile, Henry writes: "There is not a lot of freedom in life, but rather than voting for those who suffer in silence.

But he is not the customers of the bank, but his favorite humpback womb.

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