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Prince Charles "Not to Be Serious Relations with Prince William"


Prince William, Prince Charles

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It was 1997 Prince Charles& # 39; owns a reputation balance.

Princess Diana after the death of his newborn daughter, whose eyes have been attracted by the laser to her ex-husband and her former laws, many of whom have a poor life in the lives of the people and have not shown the horror of the tragedy.

In 1981, married and married Charles and Diana, the idea of ​​a fairy tale about their wedding, their 750 million people, and the 20-year-old bridegroom's most interesting development Princess Margaret on a widget with a tie.

When they were separated in 1992, people became parties.

When it became evident that Charles Diana was unfaithful, even when it became apparent that Diana's incapacity would not diminish slightly and died in a car accident on August 31, 1997, Wales knowing Any erroneous step, it may be in honor of the people, maybe forever. And in the future it will not be the king of England.

Fortunately, for Charles, his move to the right was eventually a complete step to the right step.

Diana's deaths, weeks and months after the death of her sons at the age of 15, Prince William and 12 years old Prince Harryand Charles – after spending the child's view of parents' views, she devoted her children to treatment.

"One of the most challenging moments for parents is to tell your child about the death of your other parent," Harry told the BBC in a documentary in 2017. Diana: 7 days, which she wrote after her mother's death. "As you know, I do not know he was there for us."

William said that he was grateful for "to be forgiven, to gather our thoughts, and to enjoy all of us."

Their father, Huggrouw, said, "There are two of them left, and he has tried to do whatever we can to make sure that we have taken care of and care for us," said Harry. "But, you know, he's been through that sad thing.

Perhaps it was not because Charlie's relationship with Diana was different in different ways, apart from common parents with William and Harry, but of course, the prince was in a state of distress and sorrow.

Anyway, Charles has been in close contact with his sons and will be acting as an unparalleled form of dignity that Diana can use for her parents' caregivers – first of all, the Royal Family, who has been busy with people since then. Even his wife Camilla Parker-Boles By the end of 2005, he became famous, and maybe Charles did not set the cold shoulder with the love of his life than Diana.

But the endless irony of Charles's life-the royal observers likes to be a harmonious unit of the family, and the time spent with his family removes the time spent in the royal affairs. In time, the king leaves his family and does not see any distortion of responsibilities.


Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Willie, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry, Megan Marcle

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In her statement to BBC, BBC said, "It's better to spend a lot of time at home with your grandchildren and play with your grandchildren." Prince, son and Hayr: Charles is 70 years old. "When he's there, he's fine, but we need him as much as possible."

Celebrating the 70th anniversary today, Charles has four grandchildren, who have a great job of working on their golden year, retire with daily business and spend the next weekend with their family in the next spring (apart from Camille's four previous husbands) Andrew Parker-Boulders).

If Charles just did not care about this advertisement.

William can not help, but his father is a little slower and wants to enjoy life as much as possible, but at the same time he is the only one in the family who at least receive This.

Prince Charles, Prince George, Prince William

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Father and son are two people who are currently living on the British throne, having a unique knowledge of their relationships. (William's oldest son, 5 years old Prince Georgeprobably has not yet found what is stored in the store, but it will eventually be filled.)

While the princess grows up in all reports at 92, she does not have any plans to come to the throne by her hard-working, Charles and William live in rock and hard times – they never want to be king, but both have to think about it, from Charles Williams much more.

Hence, the leading family 546 official appearance in 2017 in his family and abroad, his sister, Princess Anna, for the change (under the six consent) and his sons exceeded 380.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William

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William told BiBiu in 2016 that his career was documented as an ambulance pilot (from his resignation). "My royal family should be up-to-date and develop and this is a topical issue. paying attention to royalties). "You know how the royal family can be used over the next 20 years, you know, it can be 40 years, it may be 60 years – I do not know how to do it, but wait, expecting or expecting it, because it unfortunately drew my family's migration and I do not want it. "

William's most up-to-date order of the day preserves medieval controversy traditions in the 21st century. However, Charles does not have the slightest task to convince the restlessness of the kingdom of hell if he is to rule the rest of his life as planned, and then the "Golden Orb" operation – Charles's plan on the throne will immediately come into effect.

And, having won a reputation for a sophisticated demand, Charles proved that he is still able to inspire and unite the people.

"Now it's 70th, it's a great time of concentration," William said in a special BBC report. "You have to keep them around, and make sure they're in good health, the best thing I know, but I think it should be comfortable until he's 95 years old."

Thus, while William lives in the life of his father and wants to live with Charles, but also millions of strangers, they only try to meet in the middle.

While William has acknowledged his family's role in history, he wants to keep as close as possible the closest relatives of the 36-year-old Prince and to keep his life alive.

Because he knows his first hand, how can his family be stolen at some point in time.

William, the first future king of England, was born in the hospital, and in 1982, two world-renowned parents came to the world. When Charles brought up a child, Charles and Diana brought nine-month-old William Six months to Australia and New Zealand for a six-month excursion.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry

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William and Harry, 1984, go to Eton College Mother's family I wanted to send Charles, but he broke it Prince Philip, and that his son Gordonstow of Scotland has to strengthen his own mathematics.

The children were not too far away, Charles believed that they would do their job to make them better or worse. Prior to the demolition of the Nazi suit in 2005, there was no private secretary, and the Prince of Wales realized that he was going through a long way for the little boy, especially his younger son. But then she allowed the boys to interview the candidates.

Charles did not intervene in William's acquaintance, or at least he did not meet William prince Kate Middleton It is dedicated to the University of St. Andrew and all its adult life prior to marriage in 2011. According to many reports, Charles Keith (maybe several memories of his memories) felt another threat to his or her marriage with his family, but his daughter, the bridegroom, loved her as he loved her. He hired firmly for the firm.

Without loss of mother, William suffered divorce. She was in the boarding school when she came to tell her and Charles apart.

Prince William, Prince Charles

"When I go to school and put it on William, especially if you find someone you love in life, you have to lean on it and watch it, and if he is happy to find someone you love," said Diana Getting Started with Bashir For the BBC Panorama 1995 year.

"William asked me what is going on, and I can answer his questions: Is it because we broke our marriage?" I also had three men in this marriage, another factor in media pressure, so they were very difficult to deal with each other. but I still love the Pope, but I could not live with him at the same tent.

When asked how she had responded to her 10-year-old son, Diane said: "Well, he is a deeply thought-out boy, and we do not know how this happened for several years, but I'm not afraid or annoyed.

When you say everything Princess of Love, who interviewed James Hewitt, in 1994, "Dreams of talking first to my children," Diana remembers. William made a chocolate box and said, "Mom, I think you are wounded, it will make you laugh again."

With his mother's love and empathy, and his father's cerebral and sometimes stubborn nature, William had to strike in public spaces and he certainly was very popular among the kings, and, of course, welcomes his young family and his crown (and the debt burden on the rear glass ensuring that the

Prince William, Prince Charles

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In turn, William, in his turn, seemed to be more comfortable than Charles. This is an attempt by his father to agree.

"If you want to understand William, Middleton's relationship with her is the beginning and the end," says a friend of the prince. Penny Hunter& # 39; s Prince William: Who Can Be a King?. "They like them, they are happy, they are good, ordinary people."

Another friend, Will, tells us how much he wants to live, regardless of the possibility of life in his own way: "Do you want to live because of childhood? Imagine seeing divorce, immorality, and humiliation, all of which play in the community and in the mother Panorama and then he died. His father's master hangs around him, and then he falls into fear. "

Camilla, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William

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When William was still a teenager, he told him that he was not interested in knowing Camille. She says her parents are divorced.

Charles hoped that he would respect the desires of his sons, and when his sons were home from school, Camilla's residence in London, Hewgrove, or the York House did not.

In 1998, William realized that Camille's mother was not a poisonous vixen that depicted him and invited his sons to celebrate his 50th birthday. this November is a strong olive branch for him.

Today, relationships between Dussess Camille and her steps remain a hot topic for local journalists. Last year, Harry and William no Camille's remarks came as she celebrated her 70th birthday, which was a sign of difficulty last year. Last year William also wrote a documentary Diana, our mother: her life and heritage, he did not automatically consider his step-child as grandmother of his children.

"We have shot many photographs around the house [Diana] and we talk a bit about it, "said William," and it's hard, because Catherine can not provide that level because he does not know it. So I often spend George and Charlotte on the bed and talk to him, and remind them that they have two grandmothers, two grandmothers. For example, it's important to know who they are and what it is. "

But everything is clean because it is an alternative family anarchy.

Prince William, Cornwall Duchess of Camille, Prince Charles

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In February 2001, William's first official tribute to King Charles and Camilla, an 18-year-old man, reminded Junor, who was important to the public's heating process with Camille. "She was never a mummine to be fair to Kamille, but she was a" other woman, "she was there and took the time of my dad who had not had a happy family for a long time, but her father was glad to see William."

Prince William, Prince Charles

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Interestingly, Bashir asked Diana not to come to William, but to make her lucky for one day instead of Charles.

"My husband finds peace and, after all, yes," he said, dancing in the beginning of Camille's appearance as a princess.

Twenty-three years later, on the question of whether the throne should go directly to William, he has repeatedly asked for the complexity of the various degrees. But nobody misses the line, and Charles does not want to abandon his first rights.

"Everyone in my age knows that it's going to be much faster than the days when it's young," Charles admiring fair in a rare interview. – But in my case, you have to do a lot.

It deals with the solution of climate change and other important issues that may be "caught." [him] you have to wake up at night, "but some of them should be in high enough times with their grandchildren.

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