Tuesday , January 31 2023

Renault Koleos: This elegant car is elegant


1. Point knockout.

Renault has reduced the original Koleos Life base price to $ 29,990. The only option is metal paint. The price of the disc is the same as the current deal with the Nissan X-Trail ST, which is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder and the same car in the CVT environment. Koleos has many standard sets. For the first, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, large digital speed display, two zone air conditioning and full-sized accessories are their Nissan's shortage. Renault has a five-year-old warranty, Nissan has only been available for three years. Koleos is cheaper than Nissan. Renault's 12-month / 30,000-km service contract costs $ 1159 / 90,000 in three years. Nissan is distinguished by 12 months / 10,000 km service interval and costs $ 1803 / year from 60,000 km / h.

media_cameraRenault Koleos is just like the Nissan X-Trail. Photo: Joshua Downing.

2. Looks good inside and out

Renault SUV differs from the crowd. Large-day running lights are designed for bumps and can be seen in daytime lanes on trees lined with trees on the country's roads.

The circle has a large vertical touch screen similar to a tablet device. In the beginning this can be bitter, but you never master it yourself. Do not remove your favorite radio stations from the home showroom without entering the dealer's program. The Renault audio controller on the rear of the steering wheel allows you to swipe the driver through stations or adjust the volume with your finger and hold the wheel.

media_cameraKoleos has a tablet-style vertical touch screen. Photo: Joshua Downing.

3. It's too big

The cabin has large door folders and a large central console. Seat cloths are of a good quality, but plastic lenses and doors have stronger clothing than a mild soft plasticity. The luggage compartment is for the bottom, even with full replacement parts (alloy steel). At this price point, you can not reach the rear door that opens the power supply, but have detected the speed of closing the hand manually.

media_cameraFull spare parts will pay extra attention. Photo: Joshua Downing.

4. A few minor warnings

There is a foot park, not a handle or an electric switch. Plus it releases space between front seats, and some people make use of their legs to use enough pressure. The suspension is comfortable for most of the time, and Koleos works well enough, but sometimes it may be offended by good shots. The final note is the first global problem. This class of Koleos creates the X-Trail. Old school remote locking key requires ignition.

media_cameraThye Koleos is competing with popular Mazda CX-5 and RAV4. Photo: Joshua Downing.

5. This is Renault's best kept secret

I do not know why Renault has sold so much more than the Nissan Renault X-Trail, Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape and Holden Equinox. It also reduces the majority of the prices.

Originally released as Tested: Renault's family SUV

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