Tuesday , May 24 2022

Scientists have discovered a supernova – the BGR


Scientists are best able to handle the life cycle of different stars. They know the types of stars that can die in supernova explosions, and know that all the supernovaes are not the same. Space has uncovered secrets and a new study has been published Astrophysical magazine After seeing the explosion, scientists began to doubt that the concept of a new model was suspected, so they initially thought that their devices were broken.

The explosion called the SN2016iet was first recorded in 2016, but the astronomers needed another three years to understand what they saw.

"When we first realized what the special feature of SN2016iet was, is that something wrong with our data? "In a little while, we discovered that SN2016iet is a glorious secret that we can find in a billion galactic galleys, one billion years of Earth."

Looking back at the current state of the star, the team found that the explosive was made 200 times larger than our Sun. The researchers believe that during his short life, 85 percent of his mass was spilled, which eventually ended with a huge explosion. Large quantities of stars, as well as a very new explosion have caused scientists to scarcely overwhelm their heads.

Professor Edo Berger explains: "Everything about this supernova is different: its brightness depends on time, its spectrum, its galaxy." "Sometimes we see supernatural, but on the one hand, but otherwise different; it is unique in all respects. "

Further, the team will continue to monitor the SN2016iet and hope to learn more about its past and future. This explosion is very bright and easier to navigate in the bare naked area of ​​the sky, so we can learn even more.

Picture source: NASA / ESA

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