Monday , January 30 2023

Suncor Energy Inc. (SU): Risk limitation on the pilot market


Suncor Energy Inc. (NYSE: SU) by 1.23% could have prompted the investor to sell at this stage, but in fact, he proved mistakes in sales because sales analysts can still earn more than 113.48% for the Stockholders. Experts have earned the highest bid for $ 70. Following the results of trading on November 19, 201 the total price of the shares was $ 32.79. Average monthly 12-month price from stock is $ 61.32. This means that the price is above 87.01% above the previous closing price. The average price for the next 12 months was $ 62, which is 89.08% higher than the current level. Some analysts have a lower price of $ 48, which is 46.39%.

Today's news says that the WWF lost 7.37% of its value in the last 12 months, and many investors have expressed concern at this point. If we go to the street, the positives are still worse than negative, so Suncor Energy Inc. (SU) has the ability to purchase an estimate of the consensus. Currently, the fund has 13 purchases and 3 holders. The Fund recorded 42.55 US dollars in 52 weeks, and on March 31, the lowest level was set at $ 31.33. Currently, the YTD average of $ 37.69 per month is about -4.9 US dollars.

Moving, Suncor Energy Inc. (SU) reported in September 2018. For the short notes this quarter showed a good result, and increased by 85% to $ 0.96. The company was surprised by the experts who waited $ 1 for 4 shares. In general, its quarterly revenues increased by 35% to $ 10.86 billion. In the same period of the previous year it was $ 8.03 billion. Experts estimate that the December 2018 financial results should expect investors to really expect. Experts estimate that the current quarter earnings per share is up to $ 0.77 per share, or less than 0.79 per cent in the previous year. However, next year it is expected to increase by 24.05%. It believes that the company will be able to achieve an annual growth of 11.69% per year. On the other hand, the profit and loss statement amounts to 29.66 billion US dollars in 12 months.

Suncor Energy Inc. (NYSE: SU) is trading at 14,26X to help make a decision about current expectations (and money), which is 12-month earnings per share, 16.03 X in the sector and 22.69X in its industry. The most popular method of appraising the stock is to examine the ratio of historical value to profit (P / E) using estimated earnings for the last 12 months. The EPS number of this fund was $ 2.3 in the last four quarters. The P / E ratio is so popular that it's simple, efficient, and, of course, each one uses it.

On November 19, 2018, the absolute ATR (average True Range) average of $ 0.91 will go up on November 19, 2018. Last week the average volatility was 2.37%. Low volatility is good for the fund, and we have a quiet and reliable investor. If you are the last Suncor Energy Inc. (SU), it will change to 4.57 million shares versus 3.61 million common shares per day.

When looking at the daily chart for SU, you are monitoring the resources that lost 20.12% during the 6-month period, and you're at 4.66% of the last lowest level. The share of the five-day shares is -2.12% lower, but the average three-week average is -2.84% lower. Compared to 50-day SMA, Suncor Energy Inc. shares are now down 10.11%. It was also down 13.17% lower than the 200-day SMA. This is often the last line of defense that helps maintain long-term trends, otherwise broken and / or bear markets. The daily diagram of the stock shows a decline in prices when it is closed on a monthly basis at 8.2% on a monthly basis.

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