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The 18-year-old Queensberry's daughter, Markus, was "prostitute"


The teenager died of aristocrats' drug abuse, and he was engaged in prostitution before his tragic death.
Lady Beth Douglas, 18, is the youngest son of David Douglas, 12th March of the Queensberry, who died in March for the first time in the history of heroin insertion.
Her 21-year-old Jenan Karagoli said he had been a prostitute by taking part in sex videos. He also sold lingerie for 30 pounds.
"I knew all the adults, I went with them, and so on. but I closed my mouth, "he said. According to him, before the death of March 7, the couple talked about his sexual behavior. She advised me to wait in the pub when she disappeared for several hours.
He told me to sit before Guinness and sit with a friend, and I like it. Soon he talked over the phone and told us that he had taken us to the hotel room at night.
When asked about how much he had bought about 250 night rooms, Mrs. Karagoli said, "What should I do?"
He was "outrageous" about the idea of ​​working as a sackcenter, and a predator in the midst of a pair of three-day narcotics.
"I knew something was happening, but I was terrified of my mind and drugs. I said to her, "I know what you are doing, you can talk to me about it. You do not need to hide anything, and if you're hopelessly in money, I will help you, "said Karagoli.
She knows that for two or three months she is a dombra player with the men, and she asks for the sale of the underwear.
He adds, "This step is too far away," adding: "Now I think that all people are the gateway to the individual, and hence, to the hotel." At the age of 18, Caragolle met with a talented violinist known as Ling Ling through her friends and had a ten-month relationship.
But he can say that he was "a demon" from the day he first met. He said: "Much of his brother refused to loose Mila. She loves her and often tells me that she is the only younger brother to take.
He also often speaks about the "Queensberry Curse" and the dynasty has been a disaster for centuries. According to him, their relationships are constantly damaging cocaine. On March 6, the hotel is located close to an apartment in Notting Hill, London.
He described Lady Bess asking him to buy wine from the party. At about 11.30 am he returned to the couch to go to bed. But at 11:30 he knew that he was "dead".
She said, "She was very upset, but she was a beautiful woman." Mr. Karagolie is now swearing all the drugs and declaring himself as "pure".
Last week, Lady Bed was found to be a cause of death in the absence of heart respiratory tract, cocaine and heroin poisoning.

The tragic families of dark age
"Prince of the Curse" lasts from 1298 to Sir William Douglas, the Scottish tower in Scotland in the darker centuries when he fights English for William Wallace.
His son, Sir James Douglas, was a trusted person of Robert Bruce, who died in 1330 due to his pilgrimage to the sacred land.
The family became wages in 1358. The 2nd fairy-tale was killed in the Battle of Otterburn in 1381, and in 4th, four years after the Battle of Gomilyon. In 1681, he won the title of Charles II.
In 1858, the 8th died with himself along with a hunting rabbit. Her two sons died with violence.
In 1895, writer and wife Oscar Wilde became a lover of the Alfred Douglas Wilde, Lord of the Boss, after the 9th birthday law battle. After proceeding, Judy did not file a lawsuit for writing "sodomite."
The current, 12th birthday, David Harrington, Angus Douglas, has married three times and has eight children out of four. Carolyn Carey, married to Salem Ben Laden, the uncle's son Ambros Carey's sister, the terrorist Usama's brother Salem Bin Laden. When he died in an air crash, he married another Witness named Chaldee.
Lady Beth Douglas's sister, Lady Alice Douglas, was married in 1995. Simon Melia met the armed robber during a drama workshop in Prison. They divorced after deception. In 2009, half of Bob's brother, 34-year-old Milo Douglas, jumped off the tower block and succeeded.

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