Wednesday , January 19 2022

The kitchen is dirty at Flinders Medical Center


The food assigned to one of the largest hospitals in South Australia was intensely polluted and the police started investigating.

The Detectives investigate how Flinders Medical Center has up to 10 cereals and chewing gum with deliberate, mysterious and unusual ingredients.

According to police, none of the patients consumed the food and did not fear the pollution found by the hospital staff on Tuesday.

Authorities detected desserts found in the tray at about 9:15 am on a regular refrigerator.

Contaminated food with "solid organic products" has become a part of a diet option modified for patients with pharynx.

Although the product is being discussed in court, Advertiser It was said that "pellets" was planted in the food.

The police did not deny that these items were stubs.

Senior police and health officials do not discuss possible causes or suspicion of deliberate worker contamination.

Security video records in the hospital are taken up and police officers are suspicious because police have warned that detainees are subject to considerable allegations.

There is anxiety about the oncoming events.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer of South Adelaide Health Network Susanne Nil resisted "dazzling" pollution of about 10 desserts.

"The pollution was a hard organic product," he said. Nile.

"It was an organic mix. It was not normal (and) normal. The staff was alarmed and isolated the area and warned. «

According to Mrs. Nail, a special diet version has been modified for vulnerable patients with a risk of choking from pollutants.

According to him, hospital staff appreciated other food.

"As a precaution, we have prepared all fresh dishes and talked with special diet patients to ensure that they do not have any concerns about personal nutrition." Nile.

The same desserts were fed on Monday, but none of them felt the quality or quality of the food.

According to SA Police Assistant Joan Shanakhan, "There is no danger of finding this."

"We are satisfied that patients do not provide contaminated food," he said.

According to Mrs. Shanhanhan, the police work with staff to investigate the Flinders Medical Center and food contamination.

He warned that after all attacks, all those convicted would be subject to serious accusations.

The police did not report such incidents.

Anyone with information must contact Crime Stoppers in 1800, 333,000.

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