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The Thrillers game: Naomi Watts on the GoT prestige suit


The top secret of the Game of Thrones prequalification was posted on the internet and offered fans to get up early in the series of fans waiting for the fans.

Learn more about the HBO show, which is understood as a theme Blood Moon, Since the beginning of this year production has been scarce.

The Australian actor Naomi Watts is one of the main stars of the show, which has been set back tens of thousands of years ago. IT, and a picture of the winner of the Oscars in a complete suit during the shooting in Italy last month.

Watt's character is described as a sociologist with confidential secrecy, and, of course, this is a very popular golden suit.

In Titanic Studios, Northern Ireland, a retired pilgrim returned, game of Thrones downloaded.

According to Italian mass media, Il Messagghero also noted that the prequel can also be photographed on tweet in the Italian city of Grata del Turco, geotagging.

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At the end of last month, during a summer press tour to Los Angeles, the HBO Television Critics Association, programming president Casey Blousse praised the pilot, calling the pilot "surprising".

Speaking of the new film's premier red carpet premiere Luc In late July, in Watt, in New York, she is currently filming Penguin Blum Together with Jackie Weaver in Sydney, the crew and composition of the pilot were "excellent work".

"This is a huge group of people. They did such a wonderful job, "he said.

"It was one of the most spectacular events on TV … I am very happy. I can say that. "

If the pilot falls green all season, it is credibility with the popularity IT, fans can expect the show in 2020. Foxtel is a unique home Game of Thrones, has an entire original season available for streaming at the moment.

Here's how the HBO described the precedents:

"The series, which thousands of years before the thumbs of the games, tells the history of the world from the golden age of heroes to its darkest hour. From the terrible secrets of the history of the Westerros, the origin of the roadblock, the secrets of the Orient, and the stars of the legends, there is only one thing that we can not tell. »

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Although the HBO does not confirm the topic, there is a risk of calling it Bloody moon or Long night.

Large budget spins were driven by writer and producer Jane Goldman game of Thrones by George RR Martin.

"What are they? I can not say, "Martin wrote on May 4. "Maybe some of you have to get a copy of FIRE & BLOOD (Martin's comrade novel) A song about ice and fire) Think about your theories. "

Book Fire and blood Targaren tells about the history of his home, in particular, the conquest of seven eagles by Eug Targarin.

However, he also said that there was no "Targaren" or "Iron Boards" at Martin Precursor, so we normally feel that he is completely involved with our heads.

"The king does not have a landing. No wooden pallets. There is no Targarians – Valyarra has begun to rise up with his dragons and the great empire he has created, "Martin said. Entertainment Week.

"We are working with the old and old world and hope that this series will be a fun piece."

The most legitimate theory is that it will take place before the conquest of Tarquén and in the period known as Long Night, which was in the midst of the Batyr era.

It lasted for all generations in winter, when people fought against white pedestrians during a so-called "White Warrior" conflict. This is the story Game of Thrones.

Even if we can not see any of the characters we know and love, the Night King may play the serial if he takes the first role of White Walker in this series.

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