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Treasurer warns of housing


The shadow trader, Chris Bowen, says that, unexpectedly, the banker has been deprived of the right to determine the intervention of the coalition by reducing domestic and foreign borrowers' lending to investors.

Former Buen said: "Before we had a scalpel and on the other hand it was a balsam. "They do not say that they can not do that anymore."

Speaking from the McMahon Electorate Office in West Sydney, when Mr. Price was down by 9 percent, Mr. Bowen worried about the "reasonable price" when he raised the market, but several people were worried about this level and now they are falling.

According to Mr. Frederzberg, "the market will have a considerable heat" and the regulator's intervention has led to the fall of investors and the growth of owners and primary home buyers. "It is good," he said.

Eight panels Sun-Herald and Sunday is the age economists predict a decline of 11.5 percent in 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne. They expect Sydney to rise by 8.7 percent, and Melbourne to 9.7 percent this year.

Friedberg thinks that if he was elected Minister of Labor in May, he would need to raise housing for a large-scale economy.

"If the Labor Party has the ability to overcome negative transfers and increase capital growth by up to 50%, it will reduce housing prices by the real economy and households." he said

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen sits in his office at Smithfield House in Sydney.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen sits in his office at Smithfield House in Sydney. Credit:Jessica Hromas

It is planned to limit the negative attitudes to new qualities, leaving people who already exist in the labor market.

Treasurers claim that leasing growth due to investors' leasing is desirable for jobs with a high percentage of tenants within the framework of the required campaign.

Mr. Bowen confirmed Mr Frederzberg's charge of "shilling, ridiculous, fright".

"If there is a small number of homeowners, there is a new definition of owners, the former tenant of the new owner."

"Does J. Freudenberg want us to believe that the price of the house is cheaper and the wage increase?

"The government has done a lot of terrifying actions: I urge you to tell others how successful they are in terms of political circumstances."

The Coalition will make up to 46-54 for newest Newplol jobs in select terms.

Initially, Mr Bowen, who was initially changed to adverse changes, drew a one-year period between the election day and the start of politics. Delay of changes can make billions of dollars in the work budget.

According to him, the situation of the housing market is not as important as the need for parliamentary processes, cycles and bills.

"If a labor government is elected, it should come into effect immediately," he said. "We give it reason."

Mr. Frederzberg said the policymakers were in danger of exposing the policy in the market.

"It is a bad policy and it should never be rejected, but it is a burden of labor, which shows that it works, especially in the dwindling housing market and the housing market," he said.

"It's an interesting fact that people with 10 different households are targeted to target, which is actually BS, which directs it to teachers and emergency staff who can make an egg every month."

Mr. Bowen noted that there are few investors who have the right to change the time. "That means you can do it smoothly."

On the other hand, a strong immigration program has called for a reduction in the infrastructure from 190,000 to 160,000, although it is a strong economy.

"I support a strong, generous immigration program because it creates strength and diversity as a nation," Mr Frederzberg said.

Eric Bagshaw – The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Journal correspondent.

Shane – The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald Senior economist.

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