Sunday , May 22 2022

US Intermediate Control: Famous Voters


US PEOPLE have voted to vote in the interim presidential elections in the country.

Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively, Mariska Hargitay, Jada Pinkett Smith and Justin Timberlake, including stars called "I voted" and encouraged fans to do social networks.

Actress Olivia Wild traveled to Instagram to give her followers an incredible vote.

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Interestingly, Blake Livly has released a picture of her birthday and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and described it as "The Most Covert Voter."

Justin Timberlake, a pop star, said he chose to vote in absentia.

Duane's "Rock" Johnson Kevin shared a solid political message on the Harp and made fun of it.

Jada Pinkett-Smith proudly presented the sticker "I voted" in Instagram.

Pink – new black star Laura Prepone also voted for her.

Kerry Washington has declared "I've done it!"

Marishka Hargrito has announced that she has voted on Twitter.

Nicole Richie voted but did not say who she was.

Set Meier has confirmed that he voted Instagram by publishing a family portrait.

Over the last two years, Presidential Day of Donald Trump was a real TV show with a lack of drama during which many celebrities have attacked fans to vote.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Brad Pitt's Twitter account says "all Americans are the most efficient" [election] in our lives ".

Veep Julia Louis-Dreyfus, an actress, has urged her to vote as a way to eliminate fear, racism, and violence spread by the Thump administration on Twitter.

Jake Gyllenhala supported the Texas candidate, Boho Rush, who criticized Republican Ted Cruz instead of the Senate.

Guillermo wrote: "Vote for change, vote for charity, good sense and wisdom. "Vote, for you are fighting for rights by exercising them," wrote the 37-year-old actor, wearing a t-shirt with Rourke's backing.

Aurid Democrat, Sher called the election "lifestyle or death."

Previously, Taylor Swift was widely criticized for not allowing political silence, but the pop star broke the silence that recently supported Tennessee's Democratic candidate, Phil Bradesen.

"Probably not [election] "Swift said via social media.

But Hollywood is not completely liberal.

Conservative James Woods announced his Twitter account [Republican] "Red" rescues America.

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger has adopted a diplomatic position that is part of the solution.

"Democracy is not a sport," he said.

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