Saturday , January 28 2023

Wayne Broncos returns to pre-season work


Wayne Bennett returns to Brisbane as European coach trainer in Europe and starts working on Broncos headquarters on Thursday.

He does not yet know how long he is playing.

Bennett said he had signed a contract with Brisbane in 2019, not going to, as a coach with South Sydney until 2020, and sent a text to all his players. He confirmed in several interviews.

While sweeping England to England in the 2-1 series defeated New Zealand and defeated France, any swaps that were included in Brisbane by Bennett and Rabbiit's Anthony Saibold in 2020 were on the map.

It will continue in the next few weeks, but Bennett intends to stay in 2019 in Brisbane.

When Bennett came home on Wednesday at, he said, "I do not add anything to it, in my opinion nothing has changed.

Bennett Josh McGuire has backed the Brisbane support for joining the Covboys in the last two years and has claimed Broncos has been infringed.

"Josh has come up with his offer that he has invented for his own good, and he is a good player, a great player for the club," says Bennett.

"You have to take these things when you have them, and I lost Adam Blair last year

"We have to go with him, we have less players, some of them have not gained experience, but do not hold experienced backups at the reserve level."

Broncos is the youngest team in any NRL club of any age of 24.8 years and opportunities for Bennett's young debutants, including debutants from Payne Haas, David Fifita, Cotoni Staggs and Gemamat Shibasaki, are the future success of the club.

"It has a 12-month experience, some of which are not so many, but they have some experience and know what it's about NRL," Bennett said.

"So, in the future we have paid for these children and have paid for the future".

Broncos also goes on to say that Bennett will continue with their NRL debut at any time in their books, in the midst of Thomas Flegler and Patrick Carrion.

"They will have the opportunity this season, they will not be where McGuire is, and that's all right," Bennett said.

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