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Why go away with players?


Fallout 76 Op Ed

Bethesda's latest Fallout payment is here, but if you are a great fan of the past versions of the game, this may be Fallout, who wants to go through you. Although my personal opinion is one of them, Fallout 76 can be considered the worst of the worst types or sales ever. Leaders, you think about it, is a clear picture of Bethesda's new game.

Before I attack some of the Fallout 76 difficulties, part of my dissatisfaction with this game for the sake of justice begins with turning my favorite MMORPG series into one of my longest favorite series. I was not the only person to play games on-line. Basically, I'm looking for story-based games. Game mechanics is important to me because it is a problem, but I do not think it's a good game if the story is bad or bad with other factors.

For many years, I've seen some of my favorite series, such as Warcraft and Star Wars: The old knights are MMORPG, and it's a great deal because I see Fallout. All the previous series of Fallout games require you to focus on and motivate you to stick to the end of history.

MMORPGs often have a strong case of gameplay due to other players. When you are with several people, it's hard to be a hero in history. Fallout 76 suffers from it and goes on for ten minutes before seeing dozens of other people on the way to the main character. The situation makes it difficult for you to enter a certain part of the equipment for a while. Desks, fireplaces and terminals allow you to reach one of them at the same time. If you have access to any of these items, you are waiting in the virtual path. Finally, it's an exciting game to go to your local DMV!

Awaiting use of the equipment may slow down the story and may be annoying, but it is not the only thing that kills. You may want to work in a careful area, but it is difficult if some of the fears that are nearby are jumped up and down in groups. Fallout 76 attacks all enemies, and players can attack you with monsters. There is also a significant lack of NPC. There are some robots, but conversations are mostly controlled by audio recordings and textual documents. There are no characters in the story that can help you learn or move the story, and this is a type of motivation that can be overcome.

In short, after shortly playing the Fallout 76, the main event is unkind and uninteresting. Also, the main story begins with telling you to go from one place to another. While studying the desert, it is always the main part of any Fallout game, and you will be able to get to the point where you want to explore it. This also prevents changes made to convert the game to MMORPG.

When you explore the desert, you are surrounded by people again. Outside, it can be problematic, as it raises the size of Beethoven to avoid the increase in the number of players and the desert into the dead region. This is a real deterioration when little people are around you because you're always going to explore new enemies around you if you go to explore yourself.

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Take a walk into the building and you know that your way is physically locked by other players. Players can not cross, so if someone is in the same position on the door or the like, you expect them to get out of the way. Also, when searching containers, the download time must be either the second or both, as the system checks with a network server to see what the box should look like.

After completing the research and conducting a full inventory of robbery, you will be happy to make quick hiking or hiking on your base. If you do not have a cap, you will not be able to choose. Like faster travel, you can deal with other things in Fallout games, which is a very serious decision, and it does not make sense. Faster travel is a way to walk your way from your current location to your destination, and you control everything manually. It is greatly rewarding as a time saver in the open world game. But he was just scared by having to bring enough hats for that.

In addition to these changes, the overall gameplay experience reminds Fallout 4, and why is it a question of buying the Fallout 76? If Fallout 4 has the same graphics, the same gaming experience, and good story, then why not play Fallout 76?

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If you're tired of Fallout 4 and want to spend a lot of time exploring the desert, dig out some of the old games in the series. Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout tactics differ significantly from Fallout 4, but they are designed to explore all the fun and enjoyable themes. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are similar to Fallout 4, but are well-equipped with a wide variety of pleasure to enjoy. Fallout New Vegas is my favorite game ever and I recommend it to those who have not already tried it.

Since I was a Fallout series fan for a long time, I wanted to like this game. I played Fallout games on the computer, and I live closer to one of the places mentioned in Fallout 76. The entertaining amusement park, Camden Park, is a 10-minute drive from my home. But I do not feel like a successful game with him and does not feel that he has been defeated successfully, and I hope this is the first and last Fallout game to give a mandate to play in the MMORPG environment.

If you are a fan of MMORPGs, you love Fallout 76, but this is a real phenomenon for people we do not have.

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